Licensing: Price:
Certificate of validation of flight crew license: initial issue for 12 month) 75.00 GBP
Certificate of validation of aircraft maintenance engineers license: initial issue for 12 month 75.00 GBP
Registration of aircraft and issue of registration certificate: if the maximum total weight authorized exceed 5700 kg 110.00 GBP
Registration of aircraft with out-of-sequence registration mark (in addition to the above charge) 100.00 GBP
Reservation of out-of-sequence registration mark (for 6 month or part thereof) 60.00 GBP
Inspection of aircraft register 25.00 GBP
Certificate of airworthiness: initial issue, for each 500kg or part thereof of the maximum total weight autorised 3600 GBP
Carrying out any preparatory work, investigations and inspections reasonably necessary for any matter marked* in Parts 1 to 5: for each working day of 7 hours Example = 2 days *7 hours. 2 *875 GBP =1750 GBP
Survey costs per day Flights and accommodation to be paid by registrant.