Every successful person faces a time when shortage of time is so critical it becomes clear he must consider tools to help save time.

The use of a private jet is one such tool, which saves time and is equipped with everything one needs for work and leisure.

When you’ve made a preliminary decision or you need:

to acquire a private jet or helicopter, or to book a charter flight as a cheaper alternative, You will need a team of reliable, experienced professionals, who can help you decide and choose which asset has the most optimum performance and value.

If you want to sell or trade your own plane on more favorable terms, and you do not have time to handle this issue on your own, you will need a partner who knows the world aviation market, who knows how to make your offer more attractive, and who knows where to find a suitable buyer... Your solution is the ICC JET Company.

The ICC JET Company will help save your valuable time and will take care of all the issues related to finding the most profitable deals on booking charter flights, acquiring a personal aircraft, as well as the legal and financial matters related to the purchase or sale of an asset.

A JET LEASE with the ICC JET Company includes:

  1. Booking charter flights.
  2. Booking the jet / personal schedule / European level of service and comfort.
  3. Arranging emergency departures.

The ICC JET Company is an experienced player in the charter business aviation market, who can quickly arrange for you a convenient and comfortable charter. Charter air brokers are required for people who value their time and are able to use it properly.

As a partner in brokerage and professional legal services, respecting the client’s absolute privacy, the ICC JET is an indispensable tool for running your business. The ICC JET Company selects a jet based on the individual requirements of the customer. A business jet we select will have the functionality you require for long flights and will provide the appropriate level of comfort. Our company will arrange your charter flights and jet leasing, as soon as possible, after you fill out the application. We review dozens of alternatives, leaving only those that best fit your needs.

The SALE OF A JET with the ICC JET Company includes:

  1.  Selecting a jet.
  2. Selling / purchasing jets.
  3. Technical inspection of the jet / aircraft audit.
  4. Control and handling of the jet.

ICC JET is the company you can trust to purchase your private jet.

Representing your interests, the ICC JET Company helps to save your time, handling all questions about finding the most attractive jet sale offer, the delivery of the jet to its new base point and aircraft registration.

ICC JET provides LEGAL SERVICES in the following areas:

  1. Registration of companies in offshore and European jurisdictions, for handling and registration of an aircraft.
  2. Aircraft registration in Aruba.
  3. Aircraft registration on the Isle of Man.
  4. Aircraft registration in Malta.
  5. Aircraft registration in San Marino.
  6. Selection of loan programs for jet purchase.

The ICC JET Company provides full support during all stages of your transaction, including the arrangement for an inspection, technical analysis of the jet, preparation of the necessary documentation for the sale and registration of the jet, as well as providing services for operator selection and personnel for the aircraft.

The sale of jets by the ICC JET Company involves qualified legal support, clearance and registration of the aircraft in the interests of the new owner. The ICC JET Company provides professional legal support for the registration of companies in those offshore and European jurisdictions that require registration of transactions on the purchase and sale of aircraft.

Cooperation with ICC JET means efficiency, comfort and complete confidence in our legal support throughout the process of transferring ownership of your business class jet, selected just for you. In each case, we consider each client’s request individually and always guarantee complete confidentiality.

For us, the best interest of our customers is a priority task.