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No matter how popular charter flights are, passenger civil aviation will always be in demand. And everyone who flies the sky has certainly at least once watched the forty meter long luxurious Boeing 737-800 Jet smoothly coming in on the runway for landing. The Boeing 737 is so popular that at this very moment, 1,250 aircrafts are flying in the sky, and every five seconds one of them is the Boeing 737 taking off or landing.

The Boeing 737-800 is a long-range jet, which replaced the Boeing 737-400, with modernized engines, a new cockpit, as well as a wing and tail that were significantly changed. This particular passenger aircraft became the ancestor of the business jet BBJ2 and was improved to a military model Boeing 737-800 ERX. So what is inside the perfect Boeing 737 800?

The cabin of the Boeing 737 includes a gorgeous corridor of 3.54 meters width and a height of 2.20 meters with three convenient chairs on both sides. Depending on the configuration option, the Boeing 737 cabin can accommodate 162 or 189 passengers. The sale of the Boeing 737-800 jets with one-class cabin would be attractive for large-scale passenger traffic – so one can accommodate 189 people per flight in economy class cabin. You can choose from multiple layouts of the Boeing 737-800 cabin: 166Y, 8B +54 E +96 Y or 16B +138 Y.

The sale of the Boeing 737-800 jet is popular among airlines due to fuel efficiency and sufficient crew of two pilots, which means the possibility to provide a relatively low rate for travel distances of up to 5,765 kilometers.

The power unit of the Boeing 737-800 includes two turbofan engines from the US-French concern CFMI CFM56-7B24/26/27 with a thrust of 10.9 / 11.9 / 12.4 tons each and accelerates the plane to a cruising speed of 852 kilometers per hour of an altitude of 12.5 kilometers. With the maximum load of the aircraft, the engine compartment is located at a height of 46 centimeters above the ground. The minimum airspeed of the Boeing 737-800 is 330 kilometers per hour.

Length 39.47 m
Wingspan (overall) 34.32 m
Height (overall) 12.62 m
Cabin Interior:
Height 2.20 m
Width 3.54 m
Length 29.97 m
Typical 2-class configuration 162
Typical 1-class configuration 189
Maximum range 5 765 km
High-speed cruise 850 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 12 500 m
Takeoff distance 2 241 m


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned BOEING 737-800 jets for sale:


Aircraft: BOEING 737-800
Type: Business jet
Manufacturer: Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Year: 2007/2008/2009/2013 - on request
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request


Typical 2-class configuration - 162
Typical 1-class configuration - 189

Engines: CFMI CFM56-7

Maximum Takeoff: 79 016 kg.
Maximum Zero Fuel: 62 732 kg.
Maximum Fuel: 26 035 liters.
Maximum Landing: 66 361 kg.