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The Boeing 737-900ER: the youngest among the 737s jets.

The purchase of the Boeing 737-900ER is just starting to gain popularity. Surpassing its predecessors in all respects, the development of the capacious Boeing 737-900ER started in 2005, and after less than 10 years, it completely drove the Boeing 737-900 out of the market, becoming its worthy replacement.

The Boeing 737-900ER is different from the 900 model by the availability of additional doors, which give an opportunity to increase the number of passengers according to the FFA regulations. The maximum passenger capacity of this aircraft is 215 people. Extra fuel tanks increase flight range and modified wingtips reduce fuel consumption and increased bearing capacity of the aircraft. The range of non-stop flights on the Boeing 737-900ER jet with full load is now defined at 5,990 kilometers. The power unit can be represented by two turbofans CFM56-7BE with thrust of 12.88 or by a pair of CFMI CFM56-7B27 with thrust of 12.26 each. For taking off, the 42.1-meter Boeing 737-900ER jet needs at least 3,000 meter runway, which limits its use by commercial airports.
The two-class cabin configuration of the Boeing 737-900ER jet with the economy and business classes allows to comfortably accommodate 180 people on board of the aircraft. The wide cabin of 3.54 meters can accommodate passengers so that no one can disturb his or her neighbor. The aisle between the seats allows one to freely move along the cabin, stretching stiff muscles without hurting other passengers. LED-lighting, arched ceiling coving and a large soft seat can relax even those passengers that fly the economy class, not to mention the more spacious business class.

Cruising speed does not disappoint at 823 kilometers per hour: the aircraft can cover the maximum distance in little more than 7 hours. Flights between less distant cities on the Boeing 737-900ER jet can be carried out without saving fuel and accelerating the aircraft up to 876 kilometers per hour. The ceiling for flight on the Boeing 737 jet is traditionally set at 12,500 meters.

The Boeing 737-900ER became the basis for the development of BBJ3 business jets, charter flights on which are available to wealthy individuals and important politicians. Nonstop flights on a private Boeing Business Jet 3 are possible within 8,750 kilometers.

Length 42.11 m
Wingspan (overall) 34.32 m
Height (overall) 12.62 m
Cabin Interior:
Height 2.20 m
Width 3.54 m
Length 29.97 m
Typical 2-class configuration 180
Typical 1-class configuration 215
Maximum range 5 990 km
High-speed cruise 850 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 12 500 m
Takeoff distance 2 450 m


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Aircraft: BOEING 737-900ER
Type: Business jet
Manufacturer: Boeing Commercial Airplanes
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Typical 2-class configuration - 180
Typical 1-class configuration - 215

Engines: CFM56-7BE

Maximum Takeoff: 85 130 kg.
Maximum Zero Fuel: 44 677 kg.
Maximum Fuel: 29 660 liters.