Boeing 767-300 Freighter

The Boeing 767-300 Freighter is designed for medium-haul ranges and looks almost identical to the passenger Boeing 767-300. It differs only by absence of windows and passenger exit, instead whereof there is an access door to the freight compartment. The B767F cabin has fiberglass soft trimming for cargo protection against damage. There is a securely fixed firm partition between the cockpit and freight compartment in the front of the jetliner’s cargo deck. However, the partition wall has a door providing access to the cargo hold during flight. The cargo hold capacity is 457.1 cubic meters and is capable to accommodate 24 LD3 containers or 30 LD2 making the best use of B767F commercial lifting capacity.

Sales of Boeing 767-300 Freighter will be suitable for the air companies engaged in cargo flight operations with a range up to 5 950 km. Nowadays, this model is still being produced, but there are favourable offers on the secondary cargo air service market. The Boeing 767 300 Freighter is capable to accommodate cargo with total weight up to 54 400 kg, net of fuel weight. Max permissible takeoff weight of the B767F is 186 880 kg. The flight speed is 850 km/h, with max 905 km/h, which means that the Boeing 767-300 Freighter is suitable for perishables transportation and urgent air freight traffic.

The Boeing 767-300 Freighter is the most cost effective among wide-bodied freighters for medium haul operation. Amazing fuel efficiency, adaptability, low noise level and digital cockpit make it possible for the Boeing 767 300 Freighter to perform urgent cargo traffic with strict adherence to the flight schedule even in airports with sever noise and hazardous emission regulations. This owes greatly to the engine unit available in three variants: 2 TFE Rolls-Royce RB211-524G/H with thrust of 26 989 kgf, 2 TFE General Electric CF6-80C2 with thrust of 28 169 kgf or the most popular and powerful Pratt&Whitney PW4000 with thrust of 28 713 kgf each. The Rockwell Collins EFIS avionics helps to bring out the whole potential of the Boeing 767-300 Freighter. It is analogous to the avionics used in the Boeing 757 series represented by the six multifunctional coloured displays in the cockpit.

With every new development, the Boeing 767 Family demonstrates evolution of its aviation according to ever-changing market requirements. And the last design in this model range is the Boeing 767-300 Freighter, which ensures compliance with high cargo air service standards owing to its perfect avionics, improved aerodynamic performance, innovation materials and engine unit, which is also installed in the passenger version. The Boeing 767 300 Freighter has the lowest unequipped weight among its competitors at the account of aluminum alloys and composites. 

Overall length 54.9 m
Wing span 47.6 m
Overall Height 5.41 m
Cabin width 4.72 m
Cabin length 55  m
Passengers -
Maximum range 6 621  km
High-speed cruise 851 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 13 000 m
Takeoff distance 2 621 m


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Specifications BOEING 767-300F:

Aircraft: BOEING 767-300F
Year: on request
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request
Cargo: 15,469 ft³ (438 m³)
30 LD2s + 24 pallets
Engines: Pratt & Whitney PW4000 63,300 lb
GE CF6-80C2 62,100 lb
Weights: Mach 0.80
Max take-off weight: 187 tonnes
Max landing weight: 145 tonnes
Empty Weight: 88 tonnes
Max fuel capacity: 90 770 litres