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A heavy business aviation jet, the Boeing Business Jet BBJ was developed under the prototype of a medium-range jet, the Boeing Next-Generation 737-700, taking its impressive chassis from a large-sized Boeing 737-800. Major improvements were made only in the passenger area: the Boeing Business Jet can carry from eight to 63 passengers on board. Cost-wise, it would be most appropriate to use it for charter flights for 25-48 people. A comfortable business airliner, the Boeing Business Jet BBJ can fly distances of 10,205 to 13,000 kilometers without refueling, which is very useful in intercontinental flights. The BBJ has 48 sleepers and 62 seats on board. The Boeing Business Jet BBJ, with a desirable layout of the passenger compartment, is offered by the ICC JET Company.

The reliability of this new business jet is increased due to a reinforced wing structure. Additional PATS fuel tanks make it possible to fly across the ocean, even for such a “heavyweight” jet as BBJ. At the same time, it has a cabin which is the most spacious and comfortable in this class, leaving no chance for competitors. The passenger cabin of the Boeing Business Jet is 3.53 meters in width, 2.16 meters in height and 24.13 meters of length. Its cabin width allows you to modify its interior, depending on your actual needs. The cabin height allows even tall people to move around without a fear to bump his head against the ceiling. The availability of multiple zones makes many hours of flight comfortable and provides an equally pleasant environment for work, dinner, a conference, solitary work in a private office, or good rest in a separate cabin. The availability of two bathrooms in the in the BBJ provides additional comfort during the flight for a large number of passengers. Purchasing a Boeing Business Jet from the ICC JET Company is a worthwhile asset investment, as the BBJ does not require much maintenance, but significantly saves time, which is so important in any modern business.

The Boeing Business Jet BBJ maintains a cruising speed of 850 kilometers an hour. The maximum speed the jet can develop without losing flight range is 890 kilometers an hour. Such a capacity for heavy business jet is enabled by two CFM International CFM56-7 engines, with a thrust of 117.4 kilonewtons each. For its reliability, the Boeing Business Jet BBJ shows a traffic compliance of 99.9 %.


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned Boeing Business Jet BBJ jets for sale:


Aircraft: Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)
Type: Business jet
Manufacturer: Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Year: 2007
Price: Call for price
Airframe Total Time: 1055
Landings: 267
Passengers: 18
Engine Model: CFM56-7B27
Engine Total Time: 1055 / 1055
Long Range Navigation: FMS
Avionics: Collins
Transponder: Collins TPR-901
TCAS: Collins TTR-921
Radar: Collins WXR-2100
Comms: Collins VHF-920
Navs: Collins VOR-900
DME: Collins DME-900
Hi Freq: Collins HFS-900D
ADF: Collins ADF-900
APU: Honeywell 131-9B
Maintenance: Inspection -
Honeywell APU w/41 CSN. WEIGHTS (lbs.): TAXI 171500, MTOW 171000, LANDING 134000, ZFW 126000, BOW 95096. FUEL CAPACITY: 9876 U.S. gallons.
Equipment: General -
Six auxiliary fuel tanks, five external cameras, forward airstairs

General - 
Andrew Winch interior 

Refreshment Equipment - 
Forward galley w/auxiliary pantry, cold weather designed water system, tankless hot water system 

Lavatory -
Crew & guest lav 

Accessories - 
Private toilet w/shower 

Entertainment Equipment -
Entertainment system w/HD capability, AVOD & dual zone surround sound system 

Seating - 
Staff area w/4-place club, lounge w/large divan & dual single seats, 7-place dining/coference area, private guess room w/bunking/berthing capability, master suite w/double bed, single seat

Addl Cockpit Equipment -
Honeywell Mark V EGPWS, Aero H+ swiftboard Iridium SATCOM, electronic flight bag