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The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) has always been a common name for the “jet” itself, due to its technical reliability and the rigorous development of all the internal arrangement details. A comfortable flight on a Boeing is a self-evident fact, when it comes to this brand. Inspired designers opened the sale line of BBJ aircrafts for business aviation, which has increased the comfort of long distance flights ten times.

The Boeing BBJ is a large business aviation aircraft, which implies the availability of a passenger compartment with superior comfort. The prototype for it was the mid-range passenger jet Boeing Next-Generation 737-700. Additionally, the model has strengthened wings, PATS fuel tanks and landing gear from the heavy Boeing 737-800. The business airliner Boeing BBJ perfectly performs nonstop flight distances of up to 11,519 kilometers, maintaining a cruising speed of 850 kilometers an hour, at an altitude of 12,497 meters. Depending on the number of passengers on board, the BBJ can cover up to 13,000 miles without refueling.

The passenger compartment in the Boeing BBJ reminds us of a real house, which combines several functional areas with the usual amenities. Its standard modification includes 48 sleeper seats and 62 seats. In the front unit, there is a galley and a niche for a wardrobe, followed by a lounge seating area, which has a three-seater sofa along the board, three chairs, two tables and a corner sofa near the partition. The BBJ provides a space for arranging a dining or conference room for six persons. Closer to the tail of the Boeing, the BBJ provides special conditions for work and leisure that make BBJ aircraft even more attractive for sale. Its personal office is structurally separated from the dining area with a passenger toilet and a shower, so the noise and conversations will not interfere with the calm work of documentation or preparing for any upcoming event like, for example, negotiations. Directly behind the private office, there is a VIP-cabin with a double bed, coupled with en-suite bathroom with shower and toilet. Needless to say that the Boeing BBJ aircraft is equally in demand for corporate flights, charter flights for groups of 20-25 people, and for personal or public use.

The versatility of the Boeing BBJ aircraft, with its recognizable profile, allows the BBJ model to be operated for business aviation needs. The Boeing BBJ can take between eight and one-hundred passengers on board: in every case, the individual passenger comfort will be at the highest level. The ICC JET Company offers a service on purchasing the Boeing BBJ aircraft, with an individual layout and equipment of the passenger compartment that meet specific client demands. Aircraft Sales by the ICC JET Company provides bidding of the most favorable offer of Boeing BBJ on the world market and absolute confidentiality for its clients.


Passenger Capacity - 50 passengers. 

Crew Capacity - 4 crew.

8 passengers - Range - 11 480 km / 8 passengers.

50 – passengers - Range - 10,205 km / 50 passengers.


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) jets for sale:


Aircraft: BBJ
Type: Business jet
Manufacturer: Boeing Business Jets
Year: 2013-2014
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
registration number of the aircraft: on request
Airframe total time: 0
Landings: 0
Price: on request
Passengers: 25-50
Avionics: Rockwell Collins Avionics
Engines: CFM 56-7B26
Модель двигателя: CF34-3B1
Interior: Bar, Cabin Lighting, CD Player, Chairs: Berthing, Chairs: Moveable, Coffee Maker, DVD Player, Galley, Hot Water, iPod Connection, Lavatory, Microwave, Monitor(s), Phone System, Shower, Sound System