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Bombardier Aerospace has expanded its Challenger family of business jets with the addition of the new Challenger 350 aircraft.

The Challenger 350 - is a newest aircraft in family Bombardier Aerospace. The Challenger 350 business jet is a complete and once again superior response to the needs of today’s customers, offering more performance, greater comfort, new efficiency, definitive reliability and unmatched value.


Passenger Capacity - Up to 10 passengers.

Crew Capacity – 2+1 crew.

8 passengers + 2 crew - Maximum range - 5,926 km

Length 68.80 ft 20.90 m
Wingspan (overall)  69 ft 21 m
Wing area (basic) 522 ft? 48.50 m?
Height (overall) 20 ft 6.10 m
Passengers Up to 10  
Maximum range 3 200 NM 5 926 km
High-speed cruise M 0.82 871 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 45 000 ft 13 716 m
Takeoff distance 4 835 ft 1 474 m


The cabin Challenger 350 is one of the most largest in its category - super-mid-sized jet, with a width of 2.19m and height of 1.86m. The Challenger 350 is: flat floor, in-flight access to the luggage compartment and redesigned 180-degree swivel and reclining seats enhance passenger comfort and functionality, providing both an ideal in-flight office and home-away-from-home environment. Each window in Challenger 350 will be 2in taller and provide more sunlight and greater view angle from all the seats. Challenger 350 will be powered by two evolved Honeywell HTF7350 engines, from the HTF7000 series.

ICC JET Company offers New 2014 - 2015 Bombardier Challenger 350 jets for sale:


Aircraft: CHALLENGER 350
Type: mid-sized business jet
Manufacturer: Bombardier Aerospace
Year: 2016
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request
Passengers: Up to 10
  • Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Advanced Avionics Suite with 4 Adaptative LCD Displays.
  • Dual FMS with LPV and RNP approaches capability.
  • Vision System. MultiScan™ Weather Radar.
  • Dual Inertial Reference System (IRS).
  • Dual SBAS GPS.
  • Integrated Flight Information System with dual File Server Units.
  • Engine Indication and Crew Awareness System.
  • Maintenance Diagnostic Computer.
  • Dual VHF and HF radios.

(A) Maximum ramp weight 40,750 lb 18,484 kg

(B) Maximum takeoff weight 40,600 lb 18,416 kg

(C) Maximum landing weight 34,150 lb 15,490 kg

(D) Maximum zero fuel weight 28,200 lb 12,791 kg

(E) Typical basic operating weight 24,800 lb 11,249 kg

(F) Maximum fuel weight 14,150 lb 6,418 kg Maximum payload

(D-E) 3,400 lb 1,542 kg Payload - maximum fuel

(A-E-F) 1,800 lb 817 kg Fuel with maximum payload

(A-D) 12,550 lb 5,693 kg


The aircraft is currently under development and the design and the design tolerances remain to be finalized and certified. The aircraft is subject to change during the course of the of the design, development, manufacture and certification process.