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The first flight of the Cessna Citation CJ4 jet was conducted in the spring of 2008, demonstrating in practice that the expectations of its manufacturers were fully satisfied. Following the publication of the Citation CJ4 model’s first test results, a noticeable stir rose in the aviation world, which came with no surprise: the Cessna Citation CJ4 exceeded in all key APC parameters – speed, range, takeoff and landing characteristics. Also, this small jet turned out to be lighter and more powerful than expected.

The ICC JET Company offers the Cessna Citation CJ4 jet with one of the best deals available on the international aviation market. This jet is suitable for short-distance flights, with six to eight passengers on board at a speed of 770 kilometers an hour. The practical ceiling of the Citation CJ4 jet is 13,715 meters, which is significantly above the weather conditions and air corridors of regular flights. The range of the Cessna Citation CJ4 jet is within 3,380 kilometers, which is ensured by powerful Williams-Rolls FJ44-4A engines each giving 15.12 kilonewton thrust for takeoff, and the jet is capable of accelerating to 806 kilometers an hour.

The Embraer Phenom 300 is a direct competitor of the Cessna Citation CJ4, and it is already significantly inferior in paired comparison. Now, it is more interesting to compare the Learjet 45XR and the Citation CJ4: the first wins in terms of the speed on relatively short distances, but loses much on maximum possible routes. But even in this case, when both carrying five passengers, the advantage of the 45XR jet is only seven minutes on a flight from San Diego to Savannah. But here, the Cessna Citation CJ4 can immediately fly in the opposite direction, covering a 40-node headwind. Here its competitor has to simply stop to refuel and be forced to make a technical landing.

Cessna Citation CJ4 wings were designed from scratch, using new aviation computer technology. The result was a reduced copy the 680: the Citation Sovereign, with only a small difference is its contour edge. It is important in terms aerodynamic improvement, when flying at relatively low speeds. This seemingly minor detail – the edge of the wing – has let the Cessna Citation CJ4 exceed its targets set by its designers, in terms of its initial calculations of takeoff and landing values.


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned Cessna Citation CJ4 jets for sale:


Aircraft: Citation CJ4
Type: Business jet
Manufacturer: Cessna
Serial number of the aircraft:: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Year: 2011
Price: on request
Airframe Total Time: 88
Passengers: 11
Avionics: Standard: Collins Pro Line 21 Integrated Avionics System consisting of: 
• Flight Guidance and EFIS System
• Four 8”x10” Active Matrix LCD EFIS Displays
• Emergency Descent Mode 
• Crew Alerting System
• Dual Collins AHC-3000 AHRS
• Dual Collins ADC-3000 Air Data Computer 
• Collins IFIS-5000 Flight Information System
• Collins CCP-2210 Cursor Control Panel
• Collins FMS-3000 Flight Management System
• Collins GPS-4000A GPS
• Electronic Charts
• Integrated Electronic Checklist
• Dual Collins NAV-4500 Navigation Receivers
• Collins DME-4000 DME
• Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter
• Dual Collins VHF-4000 Tranceivers
• Dual Collins Digital Audio Control Panel
• Ground Communication Function
• Cockpit Speaker Mute Switch
• Dual Collins Mode S Transponders 
• Collins TSS-4100 Traffic Surveillance System (TCAS II)
• Pulse Lights (Interconnected to the TCAS II)
• Honeywell Mark VIII EGPWS
• Collins WXR-800 Radar 
• XM WX Satellite Broadcast Weather 
• Electronic Standby Instrument System
• Artex C406-N Three Frequency ELT
• L-3 Communications FA2100 CVR 
• Collins Maintenance Diagnostic Computer 
• Second Collins FMS-3000 Flight Management System ($81,100)
• HF-9000 HF Provisions Only ($16,325)
• WX-1000E Lightning Detection System ($16,575)
Engine: Engine Model: FJ44-4A 
Left/Right Engines 
Total Time: 88 Hours 
TBO: 5,000 Hours
Additional Eqipment: Optional: Exterior Stainless Steel Screw Kit

• Cockpit Assist Handle
• Two Monorail Sunvisors
• Right-Hand and Left-Hand Two Book Navigation Chart Case 
• Two 110 VAC Outlets in co-pilot side wall
• Sidewall Storage Pockets 
• Panel-Powered Bose Headset Jacks 
• Headset Hooks 
• Sat Phone Located in Overhead with Intercom Call 
• Satellite Phone with Intercom Call Switch
• Programmable Interior Master Switch 
• LH forward refreshment center with divided ice chest drawer, beverage storage, trash container and heated liquid container.
• RH Forward Equipment Storage
• Six pedestal passenger seats (four forward and two aft-facing). Each seat includes infinite seat back recline, seat belt and single retracting shoulder harness with inertial reel, over water life vest stored in seat base shroud, and seat back pockets. 
• Chime Unit 
• LED Indirect Overhead Lighting and LED Dropped Aisle Lighting
• LH/RH Executive Tables with Leather Leaf
• LH/RH Side Ledge with dual cup holders at each pedestal seat location and two 110 VAC outlets in lower sidewall at seats #5 & #6
• Electric, Pleated Cabin Window Shades 
• Fireblocking on all passenger seats
• LH Aft, Belted Flushing Toilet with Two-Drawer Cabinet & Relief Tube 
• XM Radio 2 Channel ($14,250)
• Cabinetry is Finished on Cockpit Fwd Side (1,000)
“Estate Tan” Summit Design Leather Seating. “Milkweed” Ultra Leather Headliner, “Cadmium Too” Window Reveals, “Mink” colored Sidewalls, Brushed Aluminum Hardware, High Gloss Walnut Swirl Burl Wood Veneer, and Scott Group Tuxedu (Tan/Beige) Loop Carpeting.


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Cessna Citation CJ3 jets continue the line of Citation administrative jets, presenting an improved CJ2 + model. The new model has a Williams power system, longer fuselage and an increased wingspan. The avionics in the Cessna Citation CJ3 jet is represented by the Collins Company. Collins Pro Line 21 avionics provides the most efficient flight status information, allowing pilots to quickly receive situational data at any time. Avionics monitor all incoming data en route, navigation, and meteorological conditions; control over the flight with the Citation CJ3 jet is facilitated by the digital control system of the engines, known by the acronym FADEC. LCD, which displays the relevant data, located directly in front of the pilots, who have an active matrix for proper control.

Cessna Citation CJ3 jets are still popular, despite the fact that the first flight of this business jet was conducted ​​more than 10 years ago. The passenger compartment was increased by 0.6 meters, compared to the prototype CJ2 +. The number of passenger seats has remained the same – the Cessna Citation CJ3 jet is certified to carry six to seven passengers, without two crew members. Clients who choose flights with the Citation CJ3 might notice a difference, with more space for accommodation and a galley – in addition to a small kitchen for preparing simple meals and beverages. The bathroom is located in the tail section opposite the closet. Constructively behind this part of the passenger compartment of the Citation CJ3 jet, there is a luggage compartment, which is not accessible during the flight.

Powerful reheated Williams FJ44-3A double-flow turbofan engines provide 12.54 kilonewtons of thrust on each takeoff, taking the Cessna Citation CJ3 jet to an altitude of 13,715 meters. The economical fuel consumption at cruising speed of 772 kilometers an hour gives you an opportunity to move a distance of 3,472 kilometers with a full loading. Notwithstanding a disadvantage in range, it can still win with time, raising the speed of the jet to 835 kilometers an hour. The fuel savings is largely achieved by accurate operation of the automatic digital FADEC complex, to control two independent turbofan engines on the Citation CJ3 jet. It synchronizes the operation of the motor and simplifies the control of its modes. The result is maximum efficiency with low fuel consumption and minimal control by the pilot.


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned Cessna Citation CJ3 jets for sale:


Aircraft: 2009 Citation CJ3
Type: Business jet
Manufacturer: Cessna
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Year: 2009
Price: on request
Airframe Total Time:  2000
Landings: 1400
Passengers: 6
Avionics: Collins Pro Line 21 Avionics System 
TAWS: Landmark 8000
TCAS: TCAS II (4000)
FMS: FMS3000
FIS: IFIS-5000
CVR: Provision
FDR: FA2100
ENGINES: Engine Type: Williams FJ44-3A
Left Serial No.: 141674
Left Utilization: 2000 Hours / 1400 Cycles 
Right Serial No.: 141672
Right Utilization: 2000 Hours / 1400 Cycles
Interior: Pulse light system
A beautifully specified Interior featuring a 4 seat center club with 2 forward facing rear seats
Forward and aft closets
Rear lavatory
Satellite phone



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In 2004, the Cessna Aircraft Company released a new 560XL model, which was later renamed to the Cessna Citation XLS, representing an evolution of the Excel. The Cessna Citation XLS is a super-light business jet that combines the comfort of a business aircraft with a high passenger compartment where a person can move full-length as well as having versatility of use. A nice feature of the Cessna Citation XLS jet is its fuel efficiency, which is a distinctive characteristic of Cessna’s small light jets.

By purchasing a Cessna Citation XLS jet from the ICC JET Company, one can have the opportunity to get the only light-class aircraft in the world, which has as high of a passenger compartment as a midsize jet. The Cessna Citation XLS jet’s dimensions are identical to those of the cabin in a Cessna Citation X model.

The power system in the Cessna Citation XLS is represented by two Pratt & Whitney PW545B turbofan engines, with a thrust of 18.32 kilonewtons each. The engines operate with a FADEC control system, which allows you to take a load off the pilots in particularly difficult moments of the flight. The Cessna Citation XLS differs from its predecessor by its new Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS aerobatic navigation system, with an improved performance. Due to its powerful engines, the Cessna Citation XLS can ascend to its cruising ceiling of 13,716 meters in just 29 minutes, demonstrating at the same time that its takeoff performance is much higher than those of middle class jets. The Cessna Citation XLS light business jet flies above commercial passenger corridors, covering distances of up to 3,441 kilometers, at a cruising speed of 815 kilometers an hour. The maximum speed of the Cessna Citation XLS jet is 860 kilometers per hour.


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned Cessna Citation XLS jets for sale:



Aircraft: Citiation XLS+
Type: Бизнес-джет
Manufacturer: Cessna
Serial number of aircraft: on request
Регистрационный номер: on request
Year: 2010
Price: по запросу
Airframe total time: 642
Landings: 420
Passengers: 9
Engine model: PW545С
Engine Total Time: 642 / 420
 APU: Total Hours: 250 Cycles: 557 *All timees current as of July 24, 2012
Avionics: Collins ProLine 21 Integrated Flight Director / Autopilot and EFIS with 4 8x10 AMLCD's. Collins ProLine 21 CNS Radios with dual COMM (8.33kHz), dual NAV, single DME, single ADF, dual Radio Tuning Units (RTU's), and dual TDR-94D Mode S Diversity Transponders with Enhanced Surveillance, Dual Collins FMS-3000, Artex C406-N ELT (Three Frequency), Collins HF-9031A w/SELCAL, XM Ws, Honeywell Mark V EGPWS, Collins TWR-850 Turbulence Weather RadaR, L-3 Communications, Jeppesen Electronic Charts, Performance Database
Interior: An overall gray interior. The fireblocked seats are Asphalt Townsend leather. The headliner and window reveals are covered in gray fabric. The lower sidewalls are Wavy Diamond Townsend leather. The carpet is Glacier Kalogridis cut pile. Cabinetry throughout is finished in Bird's Eye Maple with Smoked Satin Nickel plating. Seating for nine passengers consisting of a center club configuration, a RH FWD two-place side-facing couch, and a removable LH side-facing seat in the aft cabin. Internal storage provided by dual navigation chart cases, a LH FWD refreshment center, a RH FWD closet, and an aft bulkhead closet. An Aircell Axxessll phone system with wireless high-speed internet allows for communications. Electricity provided by 110 VAC outlets located in the cockpit and in the cabin. A RosenView moving map display is flush-mounted on the RH FWD cabinet.


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The Cessna Citation Bravo jet is still popular on the secondary market today, despite the fact that during 1997-2006, only 337 jets were released in the world, overall. For its price-efficiency ratio, the Cessna Citation Bravo jet holds a leading position among its competitors. Cessna Citation Bravo jet is suitable to transport up to seven passengers over short and medium distances.

The Cessna Citation Bravo is a small, light aircraft that can use short runways of smaller airports. Its reputation as a reliable and inexpensive business jet has allowed the Citation Bravo to keep excellent sales to date. The range of Cessna Citation Bravo is 3,232 kilometers with seven passengers and 3,520 kilometers with five people on board. The aviation onboard electronics is represented by a famous Honeywell P-1000 system. The power system in the form of two Pratt & Whitney PW530A jet engines has greater productivity, 13% higher than its small class competitors. Its fuel economy allows it to move at 745 kilometers an hour, rising to an altitude of 13,100 meters. The Citation Bravo aircraft ascends to 7,620 meters in ten minutes, and after another 20 minutes it reaches its ceiling.

Soft comfortable chairs in the Citation Bravo comfortably accommodate seven passengers during three hours of flight. The upholstery of the chairs is made of leather of a noble gray color that soothes the mind and makes it easier to relax during the flight. Each chair has buttons, to adjust the backrest for the passenger. Dark gray carpet on the floor complements the theme of the Cessna Citation Bravo interior. All wooden elements of the interior are made of natural lacquered rosewood. The cabin length of the Cessna Citation Bravo jet is 4.78 meters; in height - 1.45 meters; and in width - 1.47 meters; however, it allows one to go through a three-hour flight without being irritated by an unusually low ceiling.

In the fore body of the Cessna Citation Bravo jet, there is a bar where hungry passengers will be offered to try a chilled drink or a simple hot dish. In the rear, there is a bathroom and a small compartment for hand luggage and clothing. Under each seat, there is an additional niche for placing personal items.

Air conditioning and heating in the cabin of a Cessna Citation Bravo provide an excellent environment, due to normal pressure. The sealed passenger cabin is separated from the spacious luggage compartment, which will not be available for passengers when the plane is in the air. The size of two luggage compartments is about 2 cubic meters, which means that it can easily fit sets of ski equipment, trunks, golf bags and large suitcases. The bright daylight illuminates the cabin with twelve windows, which visually make the interior more spacious. Noise suppression systems isolate the inner part of the Citation Bravo aircraft from engine roar, and they suppress vibration. The ICC JET Company offers the Cessna Citation Bravo jets for transportation of up to seven passengers over short distances.


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned Cessna Citation Bravo jets for sale:


Aircraft: Citation Bravo
Type: Business jet
Manufacturer: Cessna
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Year: 1999
Price: Make Offer
Airframe total time: 5508
Landings: 3582
Passengers: 7
Engine model: PW530A
Engine Total Time: 5439 / 5439
Long Range Navigation:

Global GNS-XLS w/GPS

Avionics: Honeywell Primus 1000 IFCS / S
Transponder: Dual Honeywell KT-70 TCAS:  Honeywell CAS-66A TCAS-I
TCAS: Hoenywell TCAS-II
Radar: Honeywell Primus 660 color
EFIS:  Honeywell Primus 1000 3-tube
F/DIR:  Honeywell Primus 1000 IFCS
AP:  Honeywell Primus 1000 IFCS
Comms: Dual Honeywell KY-196A
Navs: Dual Honeywell KN-53
DME: Dual Honeywell DM-441B
F/Phone: AirCell Axxess dual-channel w
Hi Freq: Honeywell HF-1050
ADF: Honeywell KR-87


 Fairchild A200S


Inspection RVSM. Engines are enrolled on Power Advantage Plus. Phase 1 - 4 inspections c/w 11/06 by Citation Service Center, Toldeo, OH. Phase 5 inspection c/w 07/05 by Citation Service Center, Toledo, OH.
Interior / Exterior:


Bronze-colored leather seats, single seats, located opposite to the direction of flight in the front cabin, 4 group places the average salon, twin seats, located in the direction of flight in the rear passenger compartment, a seat in the toilet with the seat belts in the rear.


Wooden cover with glittercarpetBeige carpet / carpet in the aisle.

Interior paneling:cream / Sidewalls: scream.


Galley in the forward cabin on the left


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The Cessna Citation Sovereign is a practical, administrative small class jet, which for its size is ranked second among the Cessna Citation models, after the Cessna Citation X model. Citation Sovereign jets are popular on the market due to the ability to overcome the transcontinental distances with a relatively high cruising speed.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign business jet or Model 680 has attractive performance characteristics and efficiency, falling between the Citation X and Citation XLS models. Cessna Citation Sovereign jets offered by the ICC JET Company are mostly in demand with large organizations that are looking for a practical aircraft for long-range corporate travel.

The standard layout of the cabin in the Cessna Citation Sovereign business jet is designed to carry eight to twelve people and two crew members. The passenger cabin is equipped with air conditioning and heating systems. The cabin has a 1.73 meter ceiling with a cabin width of 1.7 meters, and a special cut. Despite its small dimensions, passengers are provided with sufficient personal space without feeling tight. The length of the passenger cabin is 7.38 meters.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign model was developed by engineers who sought to create a business jet with the highest performance in terms of speed, range and comfort. With this purpose, the Cessna Citation Sovereign has two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306C engines with a thrust of 25.27 kilonetwons each, in addition to a Rockwell-Collins FMZ2000 digital flight control system and a set of reliable Honeywell Primus Epic aircraft avionics. The maximum speed at which the Cessna Citation Sovereign jet can perform the flights is 872 kilometers an hour. The Model 680 maintains a cruising speed of 822 kilometers an hour at an altitude of 14,325 meters, covering 5,300 kilometers with a maximum load. The wings of a new Citation Sovereign model have a moderate sweep, but higher elongation. The ease of the Cessna Citation Sovereign model is the result of the use of light alloys.


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned Cessna Citation Sovereign jets for sale:


Aircraft: Citation Sovereign
Type: Business jet
Manufacturer: Cessna
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Year: 2008
Price: Make Offer
Airframe Total Time: 460
Landings: on request
Passengers: 9
Engine model: PW306C
Engine Total Time: 6000 / 6000
Long Range Navigation: Dual Honeywell FMS w/MC-850
Avionics: Honeywell Primus Epic 4-tube
Transponder: Dual Honeywell XS-857
TCAS: Hoenywell TCAS-II
Radar: Honeywell Primus 880

Honeywell Primus Epic 4-tube


Honeywell Primus Epic 4-tube

Comms: Dual Honeywell
Navs: Dual Honeywell
DME: Dual Honeywell

AirCell Axxess dual-channel w

Hi Freq: Honeywell HF-1050
ADF: Dual Honeywell
Interior / Exterior:

Interior - 
Mica carpeting

Addl Cockpit Equipment -
Honeywell Class A TAWS, dual Honeywell MRC-855 radio cabinets

Exterior - 
White w/gloss black & regimental yellow stripes

Interior  -
Electric window shades, seats 5 & 6 w/footrests, satin almond gold plating

Entertainment Equipment -
AvVisor Plus cabin information display, XM radio

Cabinetry - 
Mozambique veneer cabinetry

Sidewalls - 
Embossed lambskin sidewalls

Seating -
Mica leather seating, eight berthable single seats in a double club arrangement, single side-facing seat