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Cessna Citation CJ3 jets continue the line of Citation administrative jets, presenting an improved CJ2 + model. The new model has a Williams power system, longer fuselage and an increased wingspan. The avionics in the Cessna Citation CJ3 jet is represented by the Collins Company. Collins Pro Line 21 avionics provides the most efficient flight status information, allowing pilots to quickly receive situational data at any time. Avionics monitor all incoming data en route, navigation, and meteorological conditions; control over the flight with the Citation CJ3 jet is facilitated by the digital control system of the engines, known by the acronym FADEC. LCD, which displays the relevant data, located directly in front of the pilots, who have an active matrix for proper control.

Cessna Citation CJ3 jets are still popular, despite the fact that the first flight of this business jet was conducted ​​more than 10 years ago. The passenger compartment was increased by 0.6 meters, compared to the prototype CJ2 +. The number of passenger seats has remained the same – the Cessna Citation CJ3 jet is certified to carry six to seven passengers, without two crew members. Clients who choose flights with the Citation CJ3 might notice a difference, with more space for accommodation and a galley – in addition to a small kitchen for preparing simple meals and beverages. The bathroom is located in the tail section opposite the closet. Constructively behind this part of the passenger compartment of the Citation CJ3 jet, there is a luggage compartment, which is not accessible during the flight.

Powerful reheated Williams FJ44-3A double-flow turbofan engines provide 12.54 kilonewtons of thrust on each takeoff, taking the Cessna Citation CJ3 jet to an altitude of 13,715 meters. The economical fuel consumption at cruising speed of 772 kilometers an hour gives you an opportunity to move a distance of 3,472 kilometers with a full loading. Notwithstanding a disadvantage in range, it can still win with time, raising the speed of the jet to 835 kilometers an hour. The fuel savings is largely achieved by accurate operation of the automatic digital FADEC complex, to control two independent turbofan engines on the Citation CJ3 jet. It synchronizes the operation of the motor and simplifies the control of its modes. The result is maximum efficiency with low fuel consumption and minimal control by the pilot.


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Aircraft: 2009 Citation CJ3
Type: Business jet
Manufacturer: Cessna
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Year: 2009
Price: on request
Airframe Total Time:  2000
Landings: 1400
Passengers: 6
Avionics: Collins Pro Line 21 Avionics System 
TAWS: Landmark 8000
TCAS: TCAS II (4000)
FMS: FMS3000
FIS: IFIS-5000
CVR: Provision
FDR: FA2100
ENGINES: Engine Type: Williams FJ44-3A
Left Serial No.: 141674
Left Utilization: 2000 Hours / 1400 Cycles 
Right Serial No.: 141672
Right Utilization: 2000 Hours / 1400 Cycles
Interior: Pulse light system
A beautifully specified Interior featuring a 4 seat center club with 2 forward facing rear seats
Forward and aft closets
Rear lavatory
Satellite phone