The Cessna Aircraft Company constantly strives for the best, improving their jets and creating another flagship of business aviation. Another masterpiece created by aircraft developers is an advanced Citation Sovereign (Cessna 680) jet, which has become the second largest jet after the Citation X. The new avionics, modern concept of interior design and practical functionality of technology at hand - this is all for a comfortable trip and useful time while being on board of the jet. After all, Cessna Citation Sovereign is designed to meet all the wishes for the corporate business jet.

Citation Sovereign new development requires less maintenance costs by extending the warranty period. A medium size Citation Sovereign jet is good for owners and airlines that are forward-thinking investors.

The Citation Sovereign (Cessna 680) jet is created to perform non-stop intercontinental flights with maximum convenience and a high level of security. This business aviation jet has a rational engineering and a balanced combination of flight parameters. At a distance of 5,556 kilometers, the Citation Sovereign jet develops a cruising speed of 848 kilometers an hour, rising to a height of 14,326 meters.

For a large plane to takeoff it needs a runway of 1,113 meters. At night, a smoothly landing Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign jet can be recognized by light signals with wings equipped with rounded wingtips. Smooth landing is provided by gears with the trailing arm of the mainframe and an anti-slip brake, with reverse and brake spoilers on the wings. In the tail of the business jet, there is an additional power unit, which provides additional precision control of all systems both during a flight and on the ground while maneuvering.

The Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign jet has found its client. Basically, the business jet is purchased by charter companies and large corporations to arrange group flights for their employees. Charter flights are in demand for a particular niche of people for whom the speed and convenience of life are of the most importance in any situation. The Cessna Citation Sovereign cabin has four pairs of seats located on each side of the aisle, facing each other, and one seat closer to the cockpit. At the same time, up to nine people can ideally accommodate on board, each of whom will appreciate the ergonomics of seats with integrated armrests and additional lumbar support. Wide aisles and cabin height (173 centimeters) allows each passenger to easily navigate through the nearly eight-meter passenger compartment. Cabin width is generally 168 centimeters. Having sacrificed a little bit of convenience, it is possible to travel between continents and within the continent even with twelve passengers.

Relaxing enjoyable trip with a possibility to discuss upcoming events, the preparation of important meetings and even comfort rest is provided by modern functional interior of the Citation Sovereign jet with microclimate and multifunctional capacities. Steady pair of turbofan Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306D with a thrust of 2,654 kg / s each, will make a flight cost efficient, safe and fast. Charter flights are beneficial for both airlines and for private and corporate owners. Low maintenance costs of the Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign jet together with a wider cabin and enhanced comfort are the decisive factor for choosing this model.

Length 63.6 ft 19.35 m
Wingspan (overall) 72.4 ft 22.04 m
Height (overall) 20.4 ft 6.2 m
Cabin Interior: 
Height 68 ft 1.73 m
Width 66 ft 1.68 m
Length 25.3 ft 7.7 m
Passengers Up to 9
Maximum range 3000 NM 5 556 km
High-speed cruise 460 ktas 852 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 47 000 ft 14 326 m
Takeoff distance 3 530 ft 1 076 m


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned CESSNA CITATION SOVEREIGN   jets for sale:


Type: Mid-size Jets
Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company
Year: on request
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request
Passengers: 9
Engines: 2 x Pratt and Whitney PW306D

The new Citation Sovereign+ avionics detailed equipment list:

  • Installed on Left-Hand Panel (pilot):
  • Touch-screen LCD Control Panel
  • Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • Secondary PFD Controller
  • Installed on Right-Hand Panel (copilot): 
  • Touch-screen LCD Control Panel
  • Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • Secondary PFD Controller
  • Installed on Center Panel: 
  • Multifunction Display (MFD)
  • Dual Touch-screen LCD Control Panels
  • Electronic Standby Flight Display (ESFD)
  • Installed Beneath Glareshield:
  • Flight Guidance Panel (FGP)
  • Installed on Left-Hand Tilt Panel: 
  • Electrical Power Panel
  • Installed on Right-Hand Tilt Panel: 
  • Anti-Ice/De-Ice Panel
  • Landing Gear Control Panel
  • Installed on Pedestal: 
  • Engine Power Levers
  • Flaps Control
  • Switch in Throttle Lever
  • Pressurization Panel
  • Engine Control/Start Panel
  • Cockpit/Cabin Temperature Panel
  • Fuel, APU, and Hydraulics

Basic Operating: 14 073 kg.
Maximum Fuel: 5 166 kg.
Maximum Landing: 12 508 kg.
Maximum Takeoff: 13 959 kg.
Maximum Zero Fuel: 9 525 kg.