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Clients of charter companies have long been familiar with the fastest private jet in business aviation, the Cessna 750 Citation X. It is a reliable jet business jet, which easily reaches a maximum speed of 1,156 kilometers an hour at an altitude of 15,545 meters. The cruising speed of the business jet is 991.9 kilometers an hour. The Cessna Citation X has one disadvantage: the speed of the flight makes one regret needing to get off the plane to land at the place of destination. The pure white body of the jet with smooth shapes strikes with a twenty-meter wingspan at an altitude of almost 6 meters. Citation X, which is has been available for sale since 1996, is no less luxurious on the inside than the outside. Charter flights for distances up to 6,350 kilometers are very popular with those who like to rush, but not ready to give up a comfortable lifestyle.

The Aircraft Sales Citation X is relevant for those who are planning quick and easy transcontinental flights in the company of twelve people. Sometimes frequent charter flights appear to be more costly for the company than purchasing or renting a corporate Cessna 750 Citation X jet for a long time. In less than six hours, one can get from Dubai to London, then to New York; from Boston to San Francisco, and then to Miami; then to a business busy Seattle, the largest city in northwestern States.

The reliability of the jet has been tested through tens of thousands of flight hours of Cessna Citation X jets worldwide. The security of passengers is ensured by the famous Honeywell Primus 2000 aviation electronics. Two pilots get flight status information on five displays. There is a multi- indicator for each crew member, which is the central indicator Engine Indication Crew Alerting System and other indicators of the flight data as such. A technological feature of the jet is the deviation of the wings back at 37 degrees, which is significantly greater than the angle of a usual business jet in the middle class. Two powerful AE 3007C turbofan engines with a thrust of 28.66 kilonewtons work so efficiently that the maintenance of this luxurious and fast Cessna 750 Citation X jet costs significantly less than its counterparts.

The cabin of the Cessna Citation X jet is designed for the comfortable accommodation of eight people. Four pairs of chairs stand opposite each other and are separated by a folding table. Depending on the interior of the Citation X jet, it is possible to organize a lounge area with three seats for twelve passengers, which in no way lessens the technological sophistication of functions of the passenger compartment and gives one the opportunity to relax, feeling like in a living room. Soundproofing of the cabin allows one to communicate without raising his / her voice, and the sound of powerful jet engines seem a little more powerful than engine roar inside a car. The head of the Cessna Citation X jet accommodates a minibar, and a luggage compartment is equipped in the tail section.

Length 73.7 ft 22.43 m
Wingspan (overall) 69.2 ft 21.09 m
Height (overall) 19.3 ft 5.68 m
Cabin Interior:
Height 68 ft 1.73 m
Width 66 ft 1.68 m
Length 25.2 ft 7.67 m
Passengers Up to 9
Maximum range 3 242 NM 6 004 km
High-speed cruise 527 ktas  976 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 51 000 ft 15 545 m
Takeoff distance 5 280 ft 1 609 m


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned CESSNA CITATION X jets for sale:


Type: Super Mid-size Jets
Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company
Year: on request
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request
Passengers: 9
Engines: 2 x Rolls-Royce AE3007C2


  • Flight Displays;
  • Synthetic Vision Technology;
  • Touch-screen Control Panels;
  • Automatic Flight Control System;
  • Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS);
  • Integrated Avionics Units;
  • Distance Measuring Equipment;
  • Flight Management Systems;
  • Weather Radar;
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II);
  • Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS);
  • Transponders with ADS-B Out Capability;
  • Standby Instrumentation;
  • Radio Altimeter;
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder;
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter;
  • Maintenance Diagnostics.

Basic Operating: 16 738 kg.
Maximum Fuel: 5 865 kg.
Maximum Landing: 14 515 kg.
Maximum Takeoff: 16 601 kg.
Maximum Zero Fuel: 11 330 kg.