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Aircraft for sale - Dassault Falcon 2000LXS.


Dassault Falcon 2000LXS jet which was announced a year ago is a successful hybrid of takeoff and landing performance of 2000S model and the range of 2000LX model. 2000S and 2000LXS business aviation aircraft have similar construction of wing tips. As a result, the maximum takeoff weight is 19,500 kg, while retaining the ability to take off from the runway of 1,427 m.

Falcon 2000 jet updated model will be released in early 2014. The maximum flying range of Falcon 2000LXS is 7,400 km. Soft and accurate landing is guaranteed by the internal full-length wing slats. Take-off distance, if compared to other aircrafts in the class, is shorter by 300 m – Falcon 2000LXS jet is able to make a balanced take-off with the field length of 1,427 m.

For 19 minutes, the new Falcon 2000LXS is capable of climbing to a height of 12,000 m and cruise flight runs at 13,700 m. The biggest height reached by Falcon 2000 is 14,500 m. The field length of 688 m is sufficient for Falcon 2000LXS jet to perform a successful landing, which does not exceed the requirements of turbo-jets.

Soundproofing of the Falcon 2000LXS cabin was improved by 2 dB compared to its predecessor. The attractive interior upgrade of Falcon 2000LXS is FalconCabin HD+ control system, an interface which is easy and clear to follow for any passenger. Now, the time efficiency will not drop during flights: cabin of the business jet is equipped as an office. Falcon 2000LXS has 22-inch displays that can be controlled with one’s iPhone or iPodTouch from every point in the cabin. With user-friendly application, passengers can adjust the window shades, lighting in the cabin, microclimate and other parameters, and also watch videos as well as other media files and documents.

It is expected that Falcon 2000LXS jet will completely replace outdated 2000LX model by the end of the year and take over its place in the niche

Length 66.40 ft 20.23 m
Wingspan (overall) 70.20 ft 21.38 m
Height (overall) 23.20 ft 7.06 m
Passengers Up to 10
Maximum range 4 000 NM 7 410 km
High-speed cruise M 0.862 685 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 47 000 ft 14 325 m
Takeoff distance 4 675 ft 1 425 m


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned Dassault Falcon 2000LXS jets for sale:


Aircraft: Falcon 2000LXS
Type: Midsize business jet
Manufacturer: Dassault Aviation
Year: on request
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request


Up to 10
Avionics: EASy flight-deck technology
Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C

Basic Operating: 10 698 kg.

Maximum Fuel: 7 530 kg.

Maximum Landing: 17 827 kg.

Maximum Takeoff: 19 414 kg.

Maximum Zero Fuel: 13 472 kg.