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A worthy descendent of the storied Gulfstream IV jet, a new aircraft Gulfstream G450, which brought together all of the best qualities of its predecessor. Aircraft Gulfstream G450 is a long-range ultra-large cabin business jet which has expanded the product line of the best business jet models in the world.

Passenger Capacity - Up to 19 passengers.


Crew Capacity – 3 crew.

8 passengers + 3 crew - Maximum range – 8,061 km

Length 89.40 ft 27.23 m
Wingspan (overall) 77.10 ft 23.72 m
Height (overall) 25.20 ft 7.67 m
Passengers Up to 19
Maximum range 4 350 NM 8 061 km
High-speed cruise M 0.85 904 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 45 000 ft 13 716 m
Takeoff distance 5 600 ft 1 707 m

The features and advantages of Gulfstream G450 charter jet are the signature oval windows, being twice the size of those on other aircrafts in the class. Sunlight streaming into the interior creates a feeling of space and lightness, and allows admiring the view from a height of 13,700 m. One almost cannot hear noise of the engines due to the enhanced soundproofing. Price for the Gulfstream G450 is a value of comfort for long-haul private or commercial flights. Gulfstream G450 is a jet that destroys the old standards but provides dispatch reliability rate of 99.8 %. The model also retains the features of the Gulfstream signature style and the same PlaneView cockpit. Technological equipment of the cockpit is considered to be the most advanced among business jets in the class. As a standard feature, Gulfstream G450 is equipped with Enhanced Vision SystemTM (EVS) to improve situational awareness.

Thanks to the powerful propulsion system, the Gulfstream G450 jet can reach the maximum operating speed of Mach 0.88 if it carries 8 passengers on board. Its cruise speed of Mach 0.8 allows covering the distances of up to 8,061 km.


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned Gulfstream G450 jets for sale:


Aircraft: Gulfstream G450
Type: Large business jet / ultra long range business jet
Manufacturer: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Year: on request
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request
Passengers: Up to 19

The Gulfstream G450 comes equipped PlaneView®. Gulfstream's Enhanced Vision System II™, a standard feature in the PlaneView cockpit, presents a clear picture of runway markings, taxiways, other aircraft and the surrounding landscape at night or in deteriorating weather conditions.


2 x Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8C


Basic Operating: 19,505 kg.

Maximum Fuel: 13,381 kg.

Maximum Landing: 29,937 kg.

Maximum Payload: 2,722 kg.

Maximum Payload/Full fuel: 1,134 kg.

Maximum Ramp: 34,020 kg.

Maximum Takeoff: 33,838 kg.

Maximum Zero Fuel: 22,226 kg.