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Hawker 850XP jets continue a line of jets from Hawker Beechcraft, which stand out because of their perfect combination of simple design, comfortable passenger compartments, technical reliability, speed and range. The Hawker 850 XP model replaces the Raytheon Hawker 1000, the production of which was shut down, despite its high demand. Its successor, the Hawker 850XP, did not disappoint clients’ expectations – the Hawker 850XP jet is popular with clients who are interested in an practical administrative jet that does not have any troubles at airports with short runways. The ICC JET Company selects the best sale deals of this model on the international business aviation market.

The appearance of the Hawker 850 XP jet is not much different from its predecessor. The wings have been further modified with vertical wingtips, adding agility and improved aerodynamic characteristics to the Hawker 850XP jet. The power system of the jet has remained the same: two Honeywell TFE 731-5BR turbofan engines, with a takeoff thrust of 20.73 kilonewtons each, are electronically controlled. Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics, which have shown themselves well in combination with other models, including the elite business jets, allows pilots of the Hawker 850XP jet to efficiently and quickly assess the situation with incoming data during the flight.

Yet, the main client focus for Hawker 850XP jets concerns their ability to take off from relatively short runways. Powerful jet engines can take the plane to an altitude of 12,497 meters and accelerate to a cruising speed of 745 kilometers an hour. This mode allows for fuel saving, which makes it possible to increase the range up to 4,893 kilometers. The maximum speed of the Hawker 850XP jet is 830 kilometers an hour.

The interior of the Hawker 850XP jet is designed to carry eight to thirteen passengers. In the first modification, each person gets a sleeper, while in the second modification it would require some to sacrifice sleep for six to seven hours during the flight. But even in this case, the interior of the Hawker 850 XP jet creates all the conditions for a comfortable stay. On the right of the entrance, there is a galley, and in the tail section of the cabin, there is a toilet and a small walk-in closet to keep the outerwear of all passengers. Next to the cloakroom and closer to the end of the jet, there is an internal luggage compartment accessible during the flight. In case of too much luggage, the Hawker 850XP jet also has front luggage compartment for bulky items that can be placed directly in front of the stairway, which does not require carrying them to the end of the aircraft. The interior is available in two versions: with eight chairs on each side facing each other or with six chairs and a sofa. For communication with people on the ground, the Hawker 850XP jet is equipped with a satellite phone – and for entertainment, there is a CD / DVD- player, LCD displays and a modern Airshow Collins 21 video system.


ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned Hawker 850XP jets for sale:


Aircraft: Hawker 850XP
Type: Business jet
Manufacturer: Hawker Beechcraft
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Year: 2008
Price: Call for price
Airframe Total Time: 640
Landings: on request
Passengers: 8
Engine model: TFE731-5BR
Engine Total Time: 640 / 640
Time Between Overhaul:

4200 / 4200

Long Range Navigation: Dual Collins FMS-6000 w/dual 12-channel GPS-4000A
Avionics: Dual Collins FGC-3000 IFCS / P
Transponder: Dual Collins TDR-94 w/flight I
TCAS: Collins TCAS-4000

Collins 4-tube 8x10-inch


Dual Collins FGC-3000 IFCS

Radar: Collins TWR-850 w/display capa
Comms: Dual Collins VHF-4000 w/8.33 K
Navs: Dual Collins NAV-4500 w/FM imm

Dual Collins AHC-3000 AHRS

DME: Dual Collins DME-4000
Hi Freq: Collins HF-9000 w/CSD-714 SELC

Universal CVR-120 (120-minute)

APU: Honeywell GTCP 36-150W

on request


on request


on request