Licensing: Price:
Certificate of validation of flight crew license: initial issue for 12 month) 75.00 GBP
Certificate of validation of aircraft maintenance engineers license: initial issue for 12 month 75.00 GBP
Registration of aircraft and issue of registration certificate: if the maximum total weight authorized exceed 5700 kg 110.00 GBP
Registration of aircraft with out-of-sequence registration mark (in addition to the above charge) 100.00 GBP
Reservation of out-of-sequence registration mark (for 6 month or part thereof) 60.00 GBP
Inspection of aircraft register 25.00 GBP
Certificate of airworthiness: initial issue, for each 500kg or part thereof of the maximum total weight autorised 3600 GBP
Carrying out any preparatory work, investigations and inspections reasonably necessary for any matter marked* in Parts 1 to 5: for each working day of 7 hours Example = 2 days *7 hours. 2 *875 GBP =1750 GBP
Survey costs per day Flights and accommodation to be paid by registrant.
Licensing: Price:
Certificate of Registration 419.29 EUR
Certificate of Airworthiness 4,368.00 EUR
Certificate of radio station 232.94 EUR
Survey costs Flights and accommodation to be paid by registrant. Only one

inspector is usually required.

TOTAL 5,020.23 EUR