Airbus A319

It is not the first time the Airbus provides new standards of comfortable short and medium range flights. The Airbus A319 passenger jetliner has become a shortened-fuselage version of the big Airbus A320 with a longer range. A single-aisle cabin layout of the Airbus 319 does not obstruct for up to 156 passengers to sit with comfort.

The Airbus A319 economy-class cabin is more capacious. However, a business/economy class cabin configuration can be ordered by sacrificing the passengers’ uplift. It allows a seating capacity of up to eight passengers in the highly comfortable compartment and 120 passengers in an ordinary economy class. The Airbus A319 cabin layout is represented by two rows of triple seats. The Airbus A319 is also famous for its operational reliability and customer-preferred low costs, with a certain cabin configuration. Knowing the best seats in the Airbus A319, one can easily determine an interminable controversy of what ticket it is better to take for maximum comfort.

The Airbus Industrie A319 fuselage design provides a seating capacity from 124 up to 156 passengers. The Airbus A319 layout allows choosing the seats for the most comfortable accommodation. These are customarily the seats in the 9th row in front of the emergency exit. There is enough space here for legs and it is possible to move inside the cabin without neighbours being troubled. These factors are an important condition of comfort for a long range flight. However, the physically challenged passengers and those with children and animals are not allowed for accommodation here. The best Airbus A319 seats can also be distinguished in the 3rd economy class row. There is enough space for legs here and reclined seats of the passengers in front of you give you no trouble, but during the whole flight you will look at the partition dividing business and economy classes. The 8th row is advantageous for a free reclining seat back. If you have chosen the A319 Airbus for your flight and are looking to get enough sleep at this time, the 8th row seats are exactly what you need.

The Airbus A319 passenger jetliner is advantageous for seat arrangement flexibility and a cabin configuration option, depending on specific character of flights. Its fuselage width of 3.7 meters allows free movement with hand luggage, without touching the seated. Of course, the eight hour flights are exhausting, however, having chosen the Airbus A319 flight, with its cabin photo shown on our website, in any case you can choose a comfortable seat beforehand and have a rest during a long flight. The Airbus A319 also has got a significant increase in overhead stowage for hand-luggage, lighting options and fresh new look in the cabin interior. There is a galley and lavatories in the front and rear compartments, so the seats in the back rows are not so attractive.

Sales of the Airbus A319 jetliners are of current concern for air companies, which organize and perform passenger regular and charter flights with a range of up to 6 800 kilometers with full load. The maximum flying height is 11 900 meters, and the maximum speed is 890 kilometers an hour. The course flying speed steadily remains around 820 kilometers an hour. This is possible thanks to the two CFMI CFM56-5A/5B or IAE V2500-A5 TFEs with thrust of 10 000-10 700 kilograms of force. The takeoff and landing strip is to be 1 520 and 1 450 meters long, respectively.

Overall length 33.84 m
Wing span 35.80 m
Overall Height 11.76 m
Cabin width 3.70 m
Cabin length 23.78 m
Passengers Up to 156
Maximum range 6 850 km
High-speed cruise 900 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 11 900 m
Takeoff distance 2 164 m


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Specifications AIRBUS A319:

Aircraft: AIRBUS A319
Manufacturer:: AIRBUS
Year: on request
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request
Passengers: Typical seating: 124 (2-class)
Max: 156
Engines: 2 x CFM56-5B / V2500-A5 / Thrust range 98 (120) kN
Weights: Mmo: M0.82
Max ramp weight: 64.4 (75.9) tonnes
Max take-off weight: 64.0 (75.5) tonnes
Max landing weight: 61 (62.5) tonnes
Max zero fuel weight: 57.0 (58.5) tonnes
Max fuel capacity: up to 24 210 (30 190) litres