Airbus A320

The base version of the Airbus 320 Family is represented by the narrow-bodied Airbus A320 jetliner, which consistently performs flights on short- to medium-haul routes. It is this version that has become a baseline for a smaller Airbus A319 and the enlarged Airbus A321.

The Airbus A 320 is peculiar for the fly-by-wire flight controls pioneered on the passenger airliner, as well as an optimized wing design made of composites that is 20 per cent more efficient than the previous design. The new 2.4-meter-tall wingtip devices called “Sharklets” have enhanced the eco-efficiency of flights and have ensured 4% per cent reduced fuel burn due to improved aerodynamic properties. This results in an annual reduction in detrimental compound emissions of around 900 tonnes. The cockpit is also of note as it has been designed so to lessen the load on the pilot and make him draw his attention to the high-priority flight progress data. The traditional hand wheels were replaced by the side-stick controls thus also reducing the pilot’s tiredness and allowing him to control the Airbus A320 condition accurately during his flight.

The single-aisle Airbus A320 ensures up to 180 passengers in a high-density layout in the economy class. Should the Airbus A320 cabin layout have eight business class seats available, the quantity of seats for accommodation will be reduced to 150. The Airbus A319 passenger jetliner also provides for a cabin configuration option with 10 business class seats and 120 economy class seats. This version of airliner is sold based upon preferences of the greater part of air company’s customers and most popular flights. Charter flights for corporate flights are easily arranged by means of the Airbus A319 – with a maximum height of 12 000 meters allowing it to keep above the corridors of regular air lines.

The Airbus A320 seating arrangement is identical to all other jetliners in the Family. B, C, D, E in 10 and 14 rows can be called the advantageous economy class seats. Emergency exits in close vicinity remain free space for legs and allow reclining the seat back for rest. You will have to put your hand luggage into overhead stowage as your luggage under the seat will inhibit access to emergency exits. As opposed to the A319, this jetliner version provides for four emergency hatches and four passenger doors.

Flights of 5-6 hours imply certain comforts available. Here, in the Airbus A320, the cabinet can be called a happy blend of practicability and comfort. Depending on the company preference, jetliners are sold with seats of various configurations. In economy class the seat is 43-46 centimeters wide, and the business class seat can be 57.5 centimeters. Thanks to wingtip devices, passenger flights with a total load allow the connection of city pairs within a radius of 6 150 kilometers. The course speed of the Airbus A320 under full load is 840 kilometers an hour with a pair of CFMI CFM56-5B or IAE V2500-A5 engines with thrust of 118 kN each, and maximum possible speed is 910 kilometers an hour. The most popular flights by the Airbus A320 are those with about 4 600 kilometer range. Yet an extra-long-range fuel tank allows increasing the range up to 5 500 kilometers.

Overall length 37.57 m
Wing span 35.80 m
Overall Height 11.76 m
Cabin width 3.70 m
Cabin length 27.51 m
Passengers Up to 180
Maximum range 6 100 km
High-speed cruise 903 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 11 900 m
Takeoff distance 2 090 m


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Specifications AIRBUS A320:

Aircraft: AIRBUS A320
Manufacturer:: AIRBUS
Year: on request / 2001 / 2016 / 2017
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request
Passengers: Typical seating: 150 (2-class)
Max: 180
Engines: 2 x V2500-A5 / CFM56-5B / Thrust range 98 (120) kN
Weights: Mmo: M0.82
Max ramp weight: 73.9 (78.4) tonnes
Max take-off weight: 73.5 (78.0) tonnes
Max landing weight: 64.5 (66.0) tonnes
Max zero fuel weight: 61.0 (62.5) tonnes
Max fuel capacity: up to 24 210 (27 200) litres