Airbus A340-500

Today the Airbus A340-500 is a variant of the Airbus A340 capable of ultra-long-haul operations among the whole А330/340 Family. Sales of aircrafts always depend on their reliability, capabilities and cabin comfort. In this context the Airbus 340-500 can boldly be called the second class-leading aircraft. This version performance surpassed all market expectations: the liner is able to perform a non-stop flight almost to any part of the world, rightfully ignoring the ETOPS regulations. Indeed, the four Rolls-Royce Trent 553 turbofans ensure thrust of 24 040 kilograms of force each and are capable to deliver the liner to the nearest airport even if one of engines fails.

The aircraft dimensions could be hardly imagined, unless seen with one's own eyes. The airliner’s length is 67.93 meters, and wingspread length is 63.45 meters with height of 17.28 meters. Ideal aerodynamic lines of fuselage and powerful engine unit allow the Airbus 340-500 developing a maximum speed of 970 kilometers an hour and maintain the coursing speed of 936 kilometers an hour. With such performance the airliner can easily fly from Singapore to New York, with 18 hours spent for the flight. The huge Airbus A340-500 fuselage accommodates fuel tanks with 215 260 litre capacity. With such a fuel range, the three-class configuration airliner takes on board 313 passengers for flights up to 16 670 kilometers. The cabin design matches the requirement of maximum free space and comfortable accommodation for a passenger. Hereby the powerful airliner’s cabin is one of the quietest in this class.

The competitive advantages of the Airbus A340 500 are its capability to connect the city pairs within a radius of 16 670 kilometers under full load in standard two-class configuration designed to accommodate 282 passengers. However, the Airbus aviation should not be underestimated: with no trouble the four-engine Airbus A340 500 performs low cost charter flights, with 375 passengers seated for corporate needs and tourism completely recovering investments at the account of revenue and economical efficiency.

The Airbus A340-500 is an ideal airliner for non-stop flights all around the world. The Airbus A340 500 cabin is notable for high comfort due to its wide fuselage with 5.64 meters in diameter and features passenger compartment configuration options at discretion of the air company. The passenger cabin is 53.56 meters long. The three-class configuration of the Airbus 340-500 implies the first, business and economy classes available being identical to Airbus A340-300 as for seat width and cabin arrangement. The economy class aisle allows walking along the cabin while in flight to loosen up, without troubling the other passengers. Each back seat in the economy class incorporates a display to watch media, with seat reclining option for rest or sleep.

The Boeing 777-200 operating routes up to 17 370 kilometers has become the main competitor of the Airbus А340-500. The developers’ response took shape of the Airbus A340-500 HGW (range of 17 000 kilometers) with high all-up weight. The version was not as popular as the preceding one, so the line was discontinued. However, the Airbus A340-500 proved to be a flagship. Several unique features of this passenger airliner make it an attractive candidate for VIP & ultra-long-range operations.

Overall length 67.93 m
Wing span 63.45 m
Overall Height 17.28 m
Cabin width 5.28 m
Cabin length 53.56 m
Passengers Up to 375
Maximum range 16 670 km
High-speed cruise 925 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 12 600 m
Takeoff distance 3 050 m


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Specifications AIRBUS A340-500:

Aircraft: AIRBUS A340-500
Manufacturer:: AIRBUS
Year: on request
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request


Typical seating: 282 (2-class)
Max: 375
Engines: 2 x RR TRENT 500 / Thrust range 235 (249) kN
Weights: Mmo: M0.86
Max ramp weight: 373.2 (381.2) tonnes
Max take-off weight: 372.0 (380.0) tonnes
Max landing weight: 243.0 (246.0) tonnes
Max zero fuel weight: 230.0 (232.0) tonnes
Max fuel capacity: 215 260 (222 850) litres