Airbus A340-600

The Airbus A340-600 is the largest-capacity member of the А330/340 Family of 75.36 meters long being the second to the preceding А340-500 in flying range only. It represents the achievements of the Airbus S.A.S. developers incorporating optimal features of all modifications in this range. High comfort of enlarged cabin and impressive airlift capability of this flexible airliner allow the air companies to offer their customers high comfort flight standards. This means enlarged private space, comfort and free access to hand luggage hold, as well as available charter flights with a range up to 14 600 kilometers in standard two-class configuration with 359 passengers. The three-class modifications of the Airbus A340 600 with comfortable seating capacity for 380 passengers perform flights up to 13 900 kilometers. Low cost economy class airliners accommodating the 18-inches seats easily perform flights with 475 passengers on board.

The Airbus A340-600 reliability and efficiency can be visually estimated even by ordinary examination. The aircraft has a corporate design, builds up speed and gains height quickly, is confident in making sharp turns and lands without making deafening noise. Speed performance is also impressive. The maximum speed of the Airbus A340-600 is 968 kilometers an hour, with the coursing one of 937 kilometers an hour. The approximate time for long-haul flights is about 15.5 hours.

The wide-bodied two-decked Airbus A340-600 enjoys popularity also because of its state-of-the-art cabin, with the pilot eased down thanks to its avionics, all system status data of the liner displayed and critical data of all system parameters automatically monitored. The avionics interface is ergonomic and demonstrates a general airplane control philosophy with fly-by-wire system. For air companies this means time and cost saving for pilot training and certification to control this type of aircrafts

The maximum load of the Airbus 340-600 is 55.6 tonnes. This has become possible due to the two-deck fuselage design and hold capacity for containers and pallets. Also noticeable is the role of the engine unit with four powerful Rolls-Royce Trent 556 engines having a thrust of 25 401 kilograms of force, with a certified 27 216 kilograms of force each. The fuel tank capacity is 194 880 litres; however the turbofans efficiency with improved blades and LP turbines supplemented by optimal aerodynamic performance of the body deliver 20% fuel saving versus competitive models. Sales of Airbus A340-600 on the secondary market are more often aimed at replacement of alternative models by the long haul Airbus. This version cuts the operator’s servicing costs by 13% providing high profit from air flights, with correct choice of flights and dense passenger traffic.

Overall length 75.36 m
Wing span 63.45 m
Overall Height 17.22 m
Cabin width 5.28 m
Cabin length 60.98 m
Passengers Up to 475
Maximum range 14 600 km
High-speed cruise 968 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 12 500 m
Takeoff distance 3 100 m


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Specifications AIRBUS A340-600:

Aircraft: AIRBUS A340-600
Manufacturer:: AIRBUS
Year: on request
Serial number of the aircraft: on request
Registration number of the aircraft: on request
Price: on request


Typical seating: 359 (2-class)
Max: 475
Engines: 2 x RR TRENT 500 / Thrust range 249 kN
Weights: Mmo: M0.86
Max ramp weight: 369.2 (381.2) tonnes
Max take-off weight: 368.0 (380.0) tonnes
Max landing weight: 259.0 (265.0) tonnes
Max zero fuel weight: 245.0 (251.0) tonnes
Max fuel capacity: 195 520 (204 500) litres