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Airbus A220 (Bombardier CSeries). Airbus A220-300

The Airbus A220 (#Airbus A220-300, #Airbus A220, #A220), previously known as Bombardier CSeries (or C Series), is a family of narrow-body, twin-engine, medium-range jet airliners marketed by Airbus but designed and originally built by the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace. Following Airbus's involvement, the aircraft are built by CSeries Aircraft Limited Partnership (CSALP). The Airbus 220-300 has performed beyond the airlines expectations, delivering better overall performance, fuel efficiency and convenience for both passengers and staff. Airbus 220-300 are versatile enough with a 6000 km range to use on short and medium-length flights, and – possibly – for transcontinental service = fantastic solution for airlines. New Airbus A220-300 available for delivery YOM 2019 - YOM 2020 - YOM 2021.

You may have noticed from picture - "Comparison Aircraft" - A220-300 vs A320 CEO vs A320 NEO vs B737-800 that the Airbus 220 carries far less fuel than the Boeing 737-800, Airbus A320 CEO, Airbus A320 NEO and that the range of the Airbus is significantly more. This is evidence that the Airbus 220 is far more fuel efficient, and thus may actually be far cheaper to run than any Boeing 737, Airbus A320 CEO, Airbus A320 NEO.

The A320neo has about a 5% lower fuel cost per seat at 100% load factor but an 85% load factor this changes in theA220-300’s favour. The A220-300 then has a lower Empty and Take-Off Weight per passenger which gives it up to a 5% lower seat-mile fuel consumption depend ant on the mission. This would make Airlines far more attracted in buying the A220 over the Boeing 737-800, Airbus A320 CEO, Airbus A320 NEO as the price of fuel goes up.

Key competitive advantages:

AIRBUS A220-300 = innovative cabin design for superior passenger comfort
AIRBUS A220-300 = 20% advantage in fuel burn per seat vs current competitors
AIRBUS A220-300 = 13% lower cost per seat vs nearest competitor
AIRBUS A220-300 = 25% cost advantage on direct maintenance
AIRBUS A220-300 = 20% lower CO2 emissions
AIRBUS A220-300 = 50% reduction in noise footprint
AIRBUS A220-300 = 50% fewer NOx emissions than the standards (50% below CAEP/6 standards)
AIRBUS A220-300 = Take-off field length (m) - 1 900
AIRBUS A220-300 = Landing field length (m) - 1 350

As a result, we got a aircraft Airbus A220-300:

- Airbus A220 price is cheaper than its competitors: A320 CEO / A320 NEO / B737-800;

- Range Airbus A220 = 5,920 km and A220 is incredibly fuel efficient (optimization of fuel costs: least 20%);

- Price Airbus A220-300 + Range Airbus A220-300 + number of passenger seats Airbus A220 = opportunity for airlines to plan operating activities (cost optimization on routes).

Airline Comments about Airbus A220-300:

Delta Air Lines (order: 90 units Airbus A220-300):

Delta has increased its Airbus A220 order from 75 to 90 planes, the latest development for an aircraft model poised to be a significant player in U.S. commercial aviation.

airBaltic (order: 50 units Airbus A220-300):

Air Baltic’s CEO Martin Gauss stated, “Airbus A220-300 is the aircraft of our future and, by phasing out the Boeing 737, we will have the youngest jet fleet in Europe. The introduction of Airbus A220-300 has been very successful and provided the additional efficiency any airline is seeking in the highly competitive aviation market. Thanks to the good overall performance, we took a decision to introduce a single type fleet of up to 80 (50 firm order and 30 options) Airbus A220-300 aircraft by 2022.”

JetBlue Airways (order: 60 units Airbus A220-300):

JetBlue Airways will use 60 new Airbus A220 aircraft to replace its existing Embraer 190 planes with more seats aboard planes with larger overhead bins and windows, executives said Wednesday.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the A220, believing that it balances the needs of all of our stakeholders,” President Joanna Geraghty told investors and reporters during a conference call.

American leasing company ALC (order: 50 units Airbus A220-300):

The ALC has signed a LOI with Airbus for 50 A220-300.

The order for the Airbus A220s is another positive progress for the Airbus's 100-150 seat jet program. The price Airbus A220 - lowest price in the family Airbus A320.

ICCJET Company offers New Full Factory Waranty Airbus A220 / Airbus A220-300 aircraft for sale.

Specifications AIRBUS A220-300:

AIRBUS A220 / Airbus A220-300
Overall length 38.70 m
Wing span 35.10 m
Overall Height 11.50 m
Cabin width 3.28 m
Cabin length 25.7 m
Typical configuration Airbus A220-300 Two (2) pilots; One (1) flight observer; Three (3) cabin attendants.
Passengers 141 to 160
Maximum range 5 920 km
High-speed cruise M0.82
Maximum operating altitude 12 497 m
Takeoff distance 1 890 m
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) Limitation, CS300 / Airbus A220-300, 132,000 lb. (59 874 kg).Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) Increase, CS300 / Airbus A220-300 : From 133,000 lb. (60 328 kg) to 149,000 lb. (67 585 kg) in 1000 lb. increments
Operating Weights : Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) and Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) and Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) Limitations, CS300 / Airbus A220-300 : 118,500 lb. (53 751 kg) and 124,500 lb. (56 472 kg).MZFW and MLW Increase, CS300 / Airbus A220-300 : From 119,500 lb. (54 204 kg) to 123,000 lb. (55 792 kg) in 1000 lb. (454 kg) Increments and 125,500 lb. (56 926 kg) to 129,500 lb. (58 740 kg) in 500 lb. (227 kg) Increments.
Description CSeries Airbus A220-300 1) Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) Limitations - 144,000 lb / 65 317 kg - A220-300; 2) Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) and Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) Limitations - 117,500 lb / 53 297 kg - 123,500 lb / 56 019 kg - A220-300; 3) Single HF Radio System Installation with Dual HF Provisions 4) SATCOM System Provisions; 5) CPDLC - Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (Link 2000+) Note 1; 6) Flight Deck Door Surveillance System; 7) Triple Seat Additional Row - SFE Economy (Zodiac CSeat Light, 1); 8) Double Seat Additional Row - SFE Economy (Zodiac CSeat Light, 1); 9) Secure Under-seat Life Vest Storage - Clear Box (140); 10) Wardrobe - Forward LH, Full-Height, Half Width; 11) Galley G4A - Wet; 12) Lavatory C; 13) Lavatory D; 14) Baby Change Table (3); 15) Passenger Life Vest - Adult (140); 16) Passenger Life Vest - Infant (15); 17) Emergency Equipment - Portable Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT); 18) Cargo Firex - 180 Minute Diversion Capability; 19) Customized Instrumentation - Metric Weight; 20) Customized Instrumentation - Metric Altitude Overlay; 21) Customized Instrumentation - 8.33 kHz VHF Tuning.
Engine Two (2) Pratt & Whitney PW1500G Geared Turbo Fan. Engine Airbus A220-300 optimize operating economics relative to the route network.

AIRBUS A220-300 Location of Passenger Accommodations (LOPA):

  • A220-300_LOPA


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