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Helicopter AgustaWestland AW109 Power.

The elongated sharp-nosed silhouette of helicopter AgustaWestland AW109 Power is difficult to confuse with other sky dragonflies. Flowing lines of the fuselage, visual lightness of geometry and awesome digital equipment of August 109 makes it a “tasty” offer for business, military and commercial aviation. Low maintenance, comfortable spacious cabin for seven passengers and better aircraft performance figures in its class – all this is Agusta AW109 helicopter. This model stands out among a number of Agusta Westland helicopters for its speed, height and safety of long-haul flights. The twin-engine Agusta 109 performs charter flights, overcoming the distance up to 954 kilometers per hour. In addition to charter flights, the helicopter Agusta AW109 is actively used for military purposes, changing only the passenger compartment. For charter flights, the so-called club interior is used - passengers are provided with a comfortable seating area, which will allow them to avoid being tired at the end of a long flight. The maximum time spent in the air with the five tanks system for 835 liters of aviation fuel is 4 hours 51 minutes. During this time, one can use a set of media entertainment, which is provided in the interior for commercial passenger transport. Flight range on a fully loaded Agusta AW109 with five tanks system is 948 kilometers. With a decrease of a take-off weight, the range can be over 1,000 kilometers.

The Sale of AgustaWestland AW109 Power helicopters is popular due to their highest speed and capacity among similar models. The maximum flight speed for AgustaWestland AW109 Power is 311 kilometers per hour and cruising speed is 285 kilometers per hour. The climb rate reaches 10 meters per second. Such performance is achieved not only by the aerodynamics of the fuselage, but also due to the engine unit, which is represented by two Pratt & Whitney PW206C engines. Another option for an assembly has Turbomeca Arrius 2 K-1engines, which is rarer. However, that one has higher take-off power per engine - 500 horsepower against 477 horsepower with Pratt & Whitney PW206C. Continuous power per Pratt & Whitney PW206C engine is 423 horsepower against 425 horsepower of Turbomeca Arrius 2 K-1.

The highest altitude for the helicopter AgustaWestland AW109 Power is set at 5,974 meters and the hover ceiling is 3,597 meters. A flight is permissible by visual parameters, and not in blind flying. The pilot workload is reduced: the cockpit is equipped with 6 LCD screens that report the required data on the flight. The Agusta AW109 is one of the safest helicopters today.

ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned AgustaWestland AW109 Power helicopters for sale:


Helicopter: AgustaWestland AW109 Power
Manufacturer: AgustaWestland
Year: on request
Serial number: on request
Registration number: on request
Price: on request
Pilots / Passengers: 1/7

Max take off (int. loads) – 2 850 / 3 000 kg
Max take off (ext. loads) – 3 000 kg
Basic empty weights – 1 590 kg

Engine Rating:

2 x Pratt & Whitney PW206C
Take off power (5min) – 1 002 shp
Maximum continuous power - 567 shp

Transmission Rating:

Take off power (5min) – 900 shp
Maximum continuous power - 900 shp

Fuel Capacity:

3-cell fuel system – 605 l
4-cell fuel system – 699 l
5-cell fuel system – 835 L


VNE – 311 km/h
Max speed – 285 km/h
Rate of climb – 9.8 m/s
Hovering IGE (TOP) – 5 059 m
Hovering OGE (TOP) – 5 974 m
Service ceiling (MCP) – 3 993 m
Max range – 948 km
Max endurance – 4 h 51 min


  1. Air conditioning
  2. Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets
  3. Cabin double layer acrylic windows
  4. Convertible interior (6 places / single or dual stretchers)
  5. Executive interior
  6. VIP interior
  7. Customised VIP interior finishing
  8. Foldable stretchers
  9. Central bench see-through modification
  10. Sliders on pilot/co-pilot and cabin doors windows
  11. Sliding & rotating medical seat
  12. EMS interior (single / dual stretchers)
  13. Passenger conversion kit for EMS interior (6 passengers)
  14. EMT interior (Emergency Medical Transport - 1 stretcher)
  15. Entertainment system
  16. Pilot seat headrests
  17. Pilot multipurpose holder
  18. Pilot console tray
  19. Rear cabinet
  20. Rear cabinet with bar
  21. Silent / super silent soundproofing
  22. Drawers (under central bench)
  23. Vibration dampers
  1. AC system (2 inverters)
  2. ADF
  3. AFCS 3-axis duplex
  4. DME
  5. Gyrocompass
  6. ICS pilot / co-pilot
  7. Pilot / co-pilot LCD EADI / EHSI NAV instruments
  8. Transponder (mode S)
  9. Vertical gyro #1 & #2
  10. CVR/FDR (Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder)
  11. HF/SSB radio
  12. Moving map
  13. NVG compatibility (internal & external lights)
  14. IRIDIUM satellite telephone
  15. Stormscope
  16. TAS
  17. ELT (3 frequencies)
  18. Flight director & autotrim
  19. FLIR
  20. GPS intefaced with EHSI
  21. Marker beacon
  22. Radio altimeter
  23. Stand by ADI
  24. VHF-COM/NAV #1 & #2
  25. VHF/FM radio
  26. VHF/UHF - AM/FM radio
  27. Weather radar displayed on the LCDs