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Helicopter AgustaWestland Grandnew.

The lightweight composite helicopter AgustaWestland Grandnew presents an advanced modification of the AW109. The difference from its predecessor is the greater capacity and greater take-off weight. It is a credit to lightweight materials and engine unit, which is represented by high-power engines Pratt & Whitney PW207C with a five-minute thrust at takeoff of 735 horsepower and constant power of 625 horsepower. The travel speed of Agusta Grandnew helicopter is 289 kilometers per hour, and if necessary, the helicopter has a top speed of 311 kilometers per hour.

The sale of August Grandnew helicopters is popular due to their safety and maneuverability. The relatively low weight of the Agusta Grandnew is ensured by use of modern materials of the sheet and aerodynamic fuselage, which is made by the Polish company PZL-Swidnik. The four line duplex autopilot, digital avionics with optical electronic devices Chelton Flight Logic, and improved visibility from the glass cockpit with the option of moving map were the main differences of the new model of this line. The Agusta Grandnew helicopter can be controlled by one or two pilots, and carry four to seven passengers on board. VIP-persons will enjoy charter flights with Agusta Grandnew with a five-passenger cabin suitable also for its comfort and safety of movement: automatic navigation works from take-off to landing, enabling the pilots to effectively control the helicopter, even in a difficult period of the flight. It is also possible to make an entry using ground system of vertical guidance or WAAS.

AgustaWestland Grandnew helicopters are sold in different configurations depending on the purpose of its use. There are search and rescue EMS, medical SAR, business version for commercial and corporate use VIP per Corporate, which can accommodate up to seven passengers, as well as Offshore option.

Agusta Grandnew helicopter has the same hover height IGE per OGE and makes 4,750 meters. The practical ceiling, where there is no fear of engine failure, is set at an altitude of 4,880 meters. The AgustaWestland Grandnew set a solid record of range with five fuel tanks of 805 liters for a distance of 859 kilometers with a full load of 880 with four to five passengers on board.

ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned AgustaWestland GrandNew helicopters for sale:


Helicopter: AgustaWestland  GrandNew
Manufacturer: AgustaWestland
Year: on request
Serial number: on request
Registration number: on request
Price: on request
Pilots / Passengers: 1-2 / 4-7

Max take off (int. loads) – 3 175 kg
Max take off (ext. loads) – 3 200 kg

Engine Rating:

2 x Pratt & Whitney PWC207C
Power Rating - AEO Take-Off – 735 shp

Transmission Rating:

Maximum continuous power - 735 shp

Fuel Capacity:

3-cell fuel system – 575 1
4-cell fuel system – 669 1
5-cell fuel system – 805 1


VNE – 311 km/h
Max speed – 289 km/h
Rate of climb – 9.8 m/s
Hovering IGE (ISA) – 4 750 m
Hovering OGE (ISA) – 3 050 m
Service ceiling (OEI) – 4 880 m
Max range – 859 km
Max endurance – 4 h 31 min


  1. Executive interior
  2. VIP interior (4, 5 or 6 places)
  3. Offshore/ Pax transport interior (6 forward looking places)
  4. Utility Interior
  5. EMS (Emergency Medical Service) interior (1 or 2 stretchers)
  6. HPS (Harbour Pilot Shuttle) interior
  7. Air conditioning
  8. Silent/ Super silent soundproofing
  9. Leather, leatherette, fabric or fabric/ leather seat covering
  10. All crash-resistant seats (pilots and passengers)
  11. Four points shoulder harness with inertia reels and safety belts on all seats
  12. Advisory and reading lights
  13. Cabin loudspeakers
  14. Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets
  15. Floor carpeting
  16. Customized finishing
  17. Cabin double layer windows
  18. Cabinet
  19. Pilot / co-pilot multi-purpose holder
  20. Pilot / co-pilot console tray
  21. Foldable Armrests
  22. Chest of three drawers
  23. Central drawer with refrigerator
  24. Entertainment system
  25. Electrical operated passenger steps (RH and/or LH)
  1. EASA/FAA Single/ Dual pilot IFR avionic package with :
  2. Pilot/co-pilot flight-navigation EFIS (4 displays) with embedded FMS, Synthetic Vision, Terrain Awareness & Warning System, Slip Indicator, Remote Bug Panel
  3. Pilot/ co-pilot digital ICS with active noise reduction headsets
  4. Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS)
  5. Dual digital VHF COM
  6. Dual digital Radio Management System
  7. VOR/ ILS/ ADF
  8. 2nd VOR/ ILS
  9. DME
  10. Radio altimeter
  11. Transponder
  12. Dual GPS/SBAS interfaced with pilot/co-pilot EFIS/FMS
  13. 4-axis dual duplex digital AFCS with integrated Flight Director
  14. Dual AHRS
  15. Dual Air Data Unit
  16. Reversionary Control Panel
  17. Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
  18. Automatic Deployable ELT (ADELT)
  19. Homing Direction Finder (DF)
  20. Moving map
  21. Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
  22. Traffic Avoidance System (TAS)
  23. Weather radar
  24. Stormscope Lightning Detection System
  25. FLIR/LLTV camera
  26. Video uplink/ downlink
  27. Digital video recorder
  28. Cabin mission console
  29. SATCOM Iridium Satellite phone
  30. HF/VHF/UHF Radios
  31. VHF/FM radio
  32. NVG compatibility
  33. Cockpit Voice Recorder/Flight Data Recorder (CVR/FDR)