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Helicopter Bell 429.

The multi-purpose, medical, evacuation and commercial Bell 429 helicopter can easily perform land and sea operations, as well as charter flights over distances up to 648 kilometers. This model has a nearly perfect ratio of the cabin and the maximum take-off weight and working load to the range and speed of flight. ​The ​Bell 429 helicopter for sale, even in the basic version, is certified for IFR (head-down flight) and for control by one pilot. Safety category “A” makes the Bell 429 equally popular for both medical care and evacuation, as well as for offshore operations.

The engine unit of the Bell 429 helicopter is represented by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207D1 turbine engines with a takeoff thrust of 729 horsepower and flight thrust up to 586 horsepower. The lightweight design and power of the turbine engine allow to carry up to 1,140 kilograms of cargo inside or up to 1,361 kilograms with the mount. The cabin of the Bell 429 helicopter can accommodate up to seven passengers. The maximum speed that this model can develop is 287 kilometers per hour, and the ideal cruising reaches 278 kilometers per hour. The service ceiling of the Bell 429 is set at an altitude of 6,096 meters, and a hover ceiling is 4,307 meters. In case of failure of one engine, the Bell 429 helicopter will continue to successfully fly with one engine to a successful landing.

Charter flights with Bell 429 helicopter are suitable for short two-hour flights and for emergency business trips. The luggage compartment is of 2.6 cubic meters and can easily take the load up to 245 kilograms. The flat floor, comfortable chairs with wide armrests, low noise and vibration reduce fatigue by the end of the trip to a minimum of meters.

Interior of the Bell 429 business version can be made in any colour, but the most popular are the cream and chocolate colours as well as a contrasting black-and-white palette. Interior changes can be made depending on the purpose of the helicopter: for medical purposes, the inner surface of the passenger cabin is equipped with special elements to assist the injured person and to help him or her during the flight. Also, it provides a place to put the necessary medical equipment. The Bell 429 is a unique, modern helicopter, which can be adapted for almost any purpose.

ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned  BELL 429 helicopters for sale:


Helicopter: BELL 429
Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
Year: on request
Serial number: on request
Registration number: on request
Price: on request
Pilots / Passengers: 1+7

Max take off weight (MTOW) – 3 175 kg
Max useful load– 1 260 kg

Engine Rating:

Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207D1 with Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC)
Take off power  –  710 shp

Transmission Rating:

Maximum continuous power - 820 shp

Fuel Capacity:

Standard – 821 1
Auxiliary – 148 1


Max speed – 287 km/h
Hovering IGE (ISA) – 4 307 m
Hovering OGE (ISA) – 3 441 m
Max range – 761 km
Max endurance – 4,5 hrs


  1. Accommodation for one pilot plus seven passengers
  2. First helicopter certified through the MSG-3 process, resulting in reduced maintenancecosts for operators
  3. Spacious cabin with 204 ft3/5.78 m3 of usable volume, wide 60 in/152.4 cm side doors, optional rear clam-shell doors
  4. Glass cockpit with two/three multi-function displays, dual digital 3-axis autopilot and an integrated electronic data recorder
  5. Exceptional flight performance with150 kts/278 km/h maximum cruise, 411 nm/761 km maximum range at VLRC, and Hover OGE at 11,290 ft/3,441 m
Avionics: on request



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Helicopter Bell 407GX. 

To an inexperienced person, the elegant, reliable and impressive Bell 407 GX helicopter may seem fragile for no reason. Large windows and smaller frames, sweeping lines of the fuselage and flexible rotor blades create a false impression of lightness and vulnerability. Experienced pilots will quickly reveal the illusion of the Bell 407, knowing that the elegant cover hides a powerful maneuverability potential. In fact, the Bell 407GX quickly proves its ability in terms of performance of passenger and freight flight, search and rescue and military operations, as well as a medical transportation. Bell 407GX Helicopters are popular with business corporations, and major employers. If a car is the most practical to move on the ground, the Bell 407GX is a great option to quickly cover distances up to 634 miles at a cruising speed of 222 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed that Bell 407 GX helicopter can reach is 246 kilometers per hour. 4.5 hours for six passengers of the Bell 407GX, who choose charter flights, will be spent in comfortable chairs, three facing each other, with panoramic views from huge windows or preferring to chat and enjoy media entertainment.

The flight altitude of the Bell 407GX is 6,096 meters. The engine unit is represented by a gas turbine engine from a Rolls-Royce 250-C 47V, which can take the full take-off weight of 2,268 kilograms. The working load in this case is 1,058 kilograms. Security is guaranteed by an innovative avionics, the Garmin G1000, which includes a variety of tracking systems for flight safety, namely the dangerous proximity to the ground, a possible collision in the air, obstacles on the way and others. The pilot gets information from two LCD high-resolution displays, which show flight state data, and digital systems. As a result, control of the helicopter is set on the highest level.

Passengers of the Bell 407GX will appreciate smooth travel and low noise and vibration levels during the flight. As a result, by the end of the trip they will not feel any fatigue from the noise and from uncomfortable chairs – the Bell 407GX guarantees comfortable travel for each of its passengers. The passenger cabin is sufficiently spacious, and the view from the windows will not bore you during the flight.

This stylish and agile Bell 407 GX helicopter will make you see charter flights in a new light. The refined decor in the interior of leather, chrome, glass and wood will turn a long flight into an unforgettable air journey. The Bell 407 GX helicopter is known for the lowest price in its class and better safety, reliability and other technical parameters. 

ICC JET Company offers New and Pre-Owned  BELL 407GX helicopters for sale:


Helicopter: BELL 407GX
Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
Year: on request
Serial number: on request
Registration number: on request
Price: on request
Pilots / Passengers: 1+6

Max take off weight (MTOW) – 2 268 kg
Max useful load– 1 137 kg

Engine Rating:

Rolls-Royce 250-C47B with Full Authority Digital Electronic Control
Take off power  –  813 shp

Transmission Rating:

Maximum continuous power - 630 shp

Fuel Capacity:

Standard – 483,8 l
Auxiliary – 71,9 l


Max speed – 246 km/h
Hovering IGE (ISA) – 4 423 m
Hovering OGE (ISA) – 3 929 m
Max range – 611 km
Max endurance – 252 min

Interior: on request
  1. Garmin G1000HTM Integrated Avionics System
  2. Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System (HTAWS)
  3. Helicopter Synthetic Vision TechnologyTM with Terrain and Obstacle Alerting
  4. Traffic Information System (TIS)
  5. Tail Rotor Camera (Display on MFD)
  6. Flight Data Logging through SD Card Fuel Flow Indication and Range Ring
  7. Power Situation Indicator (Single Indicator for Quick Pilot Monitoring)
  8. Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (NextGen, Standard ADS-B out, Optional ADS-B in)