The ICC JET Company offers great deals on the long term rent of jets or booking of a charter flight. A charter is an irregular flight conducted by jet of a smaller capacity than a passenger aircraft used for regular traffic. Booking a charter flight on a private business class jet will save time and ensure comfort and safety. Charter flights start from the conclusion of the lease agreement between the aircraft charterer (the lessee) and the owner of the aircraft (the lessor). Before the charter flight is actually performed, the charterer must make a full payment for the charter flight according to the invoice and agree on the route and schedule of the charter flight.

The importance of time for people engaged in large business can never be overrated. Punctuality and timely arrival for important negotiations will eloquently emphasize that you are aware of the current dynamics of the business world and appreciate the value of your own time as well as the time of other people. Renting a jet for charter flights can be very useful. The financial part of booking a charter flight will not be of much of a problem for the head of a company, and thus, it will show the welfare and success of his or her company.

High speed ​​vehicles are a worthy answer to the accelerating pace of business and our everyday lives. Private jets, jet rental or booking charter flights which are offered by the ICC JET Company, both for one flight and also for a longer period, are perfectly suited for conducting quick flights for private individuals and for big companies. A charter flight will spare you from solving the problem of an inaccessible destination: selecting a jet of special performance characteristics will ensure a calm landing, even in the mountainous airport of Daocheng Yading (China) or in a complex airport like in London City. A jet is selected for the needs of each charter flight individually, to meet the requirements of the client. Here not only the number of people who wish to conduct a flight matters, but also the flight range, destination, and the need of “parking,” to wait for the passengers for the return trip. Charter flights can be for corporate, tourist, medical and VIP destinations. The rental of private jets can be made available by the ICC JET company just in a few hours. Such a jet can comfortably deliver its passengers to any desired point on the globe. The comfort of charter flights conducted by business class jets can hardly be overrated. Before an important meeting, one can enjoy some rest in specially designed cabins in such modern jets. A corporate flight for vacation, or an important meeting, will allow you to unite the team, which is important for forming the integrity of your work community. A charter flight for corporate needs will perfectly solve this task.

Charter flights will be of service in the holiday season where there are simply no seats for regular flights. A charter will be appreciated by those travelers who appreciate being able to enjoy long-expected holidays immediately after a flight – for in a well-earned holiday, every hour is valuable. Regular flights are exhausting with their duration and sometimes having the need of a connection flight. Charter flights are free from this disadvantage.

The ICC JET Company offers the following models of modern business jets, available for charter flights today: