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Regular flights have already become the order of the day. But sometimes a much greater speed of movement is required, as well as an increased level of comfort. Here, no regular flight on a passenger airliner will satisfy such high demands. Any businessman will think, if not about purchasing a private business jet, at least of renting one to meet his current needs.

Charter flights at a relatively small distance are most profitable if conducted by small class administrative jets. A charter flight with the Beechcraft Premier 1A is the best option if you plan to transfer a group of no more than six passengers. The Beechcraft Premier 1A is a private jet whose rental is suitable if the flight does not exceed 2,519 kilometers. This is the maximum range of the Premier 1A jet, which it can cover with six passengers and one pilot on board.

The Beechcraft Premier 1A jet is certified for single-pilot operation, which increases the confidentiality of a charter flight. The premier 1A jet is designed so that the cabin comfort and interior can be put almost on a par with the middle class jets for its quality of performance. By booking the charter flight by Beechcraft Premier 1A, the client receives comfortable space: the height being 1.65 meters, and six comfortable chairs, upholstered in natural cream or snow-white leather, depending on the interior. Made in white colour, the interior of the Premier 1A jet will visually seem more spacious in the light from the windows and ceiling lamps. Passengers do not feel any tightness or stiffness. The useful cabin length is 4.11 meters.

Opposite the entrance, there is a mini-bar and refrigerator with a light meal for passengers. At the end of the cabin, there are a dressing room and cloakroom. Flying by the Beechcraft Premier 1A jet is especially comfortable in the summer time, as a zoned air conditioning system is available for each of sections of the cabin.

Upon a charter flight on the Beechcraft Premier 1A jet, passengers will enjoy perfect proportions of speed, range, comfort and economy. The maximum range at 2,519 kilometers is achieved by the Premier 1A jet at a cruising speed of 854 kilometers an hour. The highest altitude the aircraft is able to rise to is 12,497 meters. The optimal combination of aircraft performance indicators and fuel economy is reached due to its built-in EFCU control electronics, which make choosing the Beechcraft Premier 1A jet the best option for charter flights at a relatively small distance.

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