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 The ICC JET Company offers charter flights with the popular American aircraft: the light class Cessna Citation CJ2, as we are confident of the safety and comfortable accommodation of our clients during the entire trip. Having chosen a charter flight with the Citation CJ2, passengers will appreciate the softness of its takeoff, no vibrations, smooth acceleration and an excellent, soundproofed cabin. Passengers can be accommodated in six chairs, four of which are installed opposite each other and are separated by comfortable folding tables made of polished wood. The interior is designed in a quiet gray and beige color that perfectly soothes the mind and relieves tension. Tables can be removed and placed on the side walls into special niches, which allows you to relax with even greater comfort during your three-hour long charter flight.

The Cessna Aircraft Company manufacturer positions the Citation CJ2 as an excellent continuation of their successful launch of the CJ1 model. The main advantages of Citation CJ2 are the increased cruising speed, a spacious cabin, the latest aviation electronics systems in the cockpit, increased range and, as always, a comfortable lounge, where passengers can move to full height. The avionics installed in the jet ensure easy and reliable operation. The Cessna Citation CJ2 jet climbs very quickly; it takes only 28 minutes for the jet to reach its practical ceiling of 13,716 meters. The enhanced operation modes of the Williams-Rolls FJ44-2C engines, with a thrust of 10.22 kilonewtons each, simplifies control to reduce the pilot workload in the most complex and busy periods of charter flights.

Compared with the alternatives charter jet of a light class, the Cessna Citation CJ2 gives one the opportunity to enjoy quiet, soft landings and a relatively low cost – the Cessna Citation CJ2 jet’s low fuel consumption has also become one of its designers most significant achievements. The rent of this private jet will be of little cost to the client, who can absolutely trust the professional pilots and reliable avionics responsible for flight safety.

The ICC JET Company arranges charter flights for the Cessna Citation CJ2 jet to move in any direction within the continent. The jet is often booked for charter flights to Europe in both directions. This is also convenient considering that the flight on a private jet is not as tedious as a regular passenger plane. The Cessna Citation CJ2 will easily land in a small commercial airport, due to its modest requirement of runway length. For people who frequently fly for business matters, and who value their time, finding an airport close to the place of a meeting will become the deciding factor in choosing the jet for charter flights.

The ICC JET Company will be happy to help you arrange a charter flight on the Cessna Citation CJ2 jet:

Cessna Citation Jet 2



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Cessna Citation Jet 2




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