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The Gulfstream G550 jet is an ultra-long-haul private jet for corporate charter flights. This is a true benchmark of heavy class business aviation that combines efficient use of space and the passenger compartment, providing amazing comfort. In the case of the Gulfstream G550 jet, the concept of a comfortable charter flight includes a truly luxurious accommodation. The cabin has maximum insulation and is equipped with a modified soundproofing system. The quiet, vibration-free air-conditioning has its temperature set at a comfortable level for each passenger – inside the cabin, the Gulfstream G550 business jet reminds one of an office with ample chairs and lacquered surface elements reflecting the incident light. Tables between the seats allow you to solve some working issues during charter flights, to read the documents and also to have a full dinner.

The Gulfstream G550 can accommodate a team of up to eighteen people. Renting the Gulfstream G550 jet for charter flights is the best solution for an international, corporate trip. Hanging out for a few hours in a cozy Gulfstream G550 cabin will support the spirit of your team, which always can be used by a competent leader. The Gulfstream G550 jet interior, in turn, offers a choice of twelve possible variations of internal arrangements.

The crew cabin of the Gulfstream G550 jet is one of the most perfect cockpits among business jets; it is equipped with the company’s own technology: the PlaneView ® system. The ease of control over the Gulfstream G550 jet, and the simplicity of monitoring the systems’ condition during the flight, ensure safe and reliable international charter flights. Two powerful reheated double-flow turbofan Rolls-Royce BR710 engines with a thrust of 68.4 kilonewtons each carry passengers to a range of 12,501 kilometers, at a speed of Mach 0.80. The Gulfstream G550 jet has set a flight record covering the distance of 13,521 kilometers in 14.5 hours. The cruising speed available to the Gulfstream G550 jet is Mach 0.87. Renting the Gulfstream G550 jet will convince any client that the jet well deserved its quality standard title in business aviation, providing saved time, comfort and high-level service.

The ICC JET Company will be happy to help you arrange a charter flight on the Gulfstream G550 jet:


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