The ICC JET Company provides high-quality brokerage services for the sale and purchase of business jets. We help our clients in sourcing, selecting and purchasing business jets, as well as in organizing prompt delivery of the jet to the point of basing.

Proper use of time is highly appreciated by any successful person. Purchasing a private jet will significantly reduce the time spent in transit, making it the most productive, even while on the road. For businessmen, whose job requires frequent flights, purchasing a private jet is the best choice.

Professional brokers and qualified specialists of the ICC JET Company are experienced partners in jet purchase and sale transactions. We accompany each transaction end-to-end, providing advice, solving upcoming issues, processing documentation and representing your interests. In each case, we consider every client’s request individually and always guarantee complete confidentiality. For us, the best interest of our clients is our priority task.

THE SALE / PURCHASE OF JETS with the ICC JET Company means:

  1. Determining the type of a private jet;
  2. Determining the budget for the purchase of a jet / funding source;
  3. Analysis of the global aviation market;
  4. Selecting a jet;
  5. Analysis of the purchase and sale contract of a jet;
  6. Placing an order for the purchase of a new jet;
  7. Handling the jet;
  8. Selecting of European independent technical inspectors;
  9. Conducting transactions with an Escrow Account;
  10. Registration of an offshore company and European jurisdiction registration the jet’s title;
  11. Opening bank accounts;
  12. Aircraft Registration (Aircraft registration in Aruba / Aircraft registration on the Isle of Man / Aircraft registration in Malta / Aircraft registration in San Marino)
  13. Selecting an operator for the jet;
  14. Placing offers for the sale of a jet;
  15. Selecting loan programs for the purchase of a jet.

Cooperation with ICC JET means efficiency, comfort and complete confidence in our legal support throughout the process of transferring ownership on your custom-selected business class jet. In each case, we consider each client’s request individually and always guarantee complete confidentiality.


Aircraft for sale:

  Airbus A300
  Airbus A310
  Airbus A318
  Airbus A319
  Airbus A320
  Airbus A321
  Airbus A330
  Airbus A340
  Airbus A380
  Boeing 707
  Boeing 717
  Boeing 727
  Boeing 737
  Boeing 747
  Boeing 757
  Boeing 767
  Boeing 777
  Boeing 787 Dreamliner
  Boeing Business Jet 1
  Boeing Business Jet 2
  Boeing Business Jet 3
Learjet: Learjet 25
  Learjet 31
  Learjet 35
  Learjet 40/40 XR
  Learjet 45/45 XR
  Learjet 55
  Learjet 60
  Learjet 60 XR
  Learjet 70
  Learjet 75
  Learjet 85
Challenger: Challenger 300
  Challenger 600
  Challenger 601-3R
  Challenger 604
  Challenger 605
  Challenger 800
  Challenger 850
Global: Global 5000
  Global 6000
  Global 7000
  Global 8000
  Global Express
  Global Express XRS
CSeries: CS100
CRJ Series: CRJ 200
  CRJ 700
  CRJ 705
  CRJ 900
  CRJ 1000
  Citation Mustang
  Citation M2
  Citation CJ2+
  Citation CJ3
  Citation CJ4
  Citation XLS+
  Citation Latitude
  Citation Longitude
  Citation Sovereign
  New Citation Sovereign
  New Citation X
  Falcon 10
  Falcon 20
  Falcon 2000
  Falcon 2000 DX
  Falcon 2000 EX
  Falcon 2000 LX
  Falcon 2000 LXS
  Falcon 50
  Falcon 50 EX
  Falcon 7x
  Falcon 900 B
  Falcon 900 DX
  Falcon 900 EX
  Falcon 900 LX
  ERJ 145 XR
  ERJ 145
  ERJ 140
  ERJ 135
  EMB 120
  LINEAGE 1000
  LEGACY 650
  LEGACY 600
  LEGACY 450
  LEGACY 500
  PHENOM 300
  PHENOM 100
  Gulfstream G150
  Gulfstream G280
  Gulfstream G450
  Gulfstream G550
  Gulfstream G650
  Gulfstream II
  Gulfstream III
  Gulfstream IISP
  Gulfstream IV
  Gulfstream IVSP
  Gulfstream V
  Hawker 200
  Hawker 1000
  Hawker 400 XP
  Hawker 400XPR
  Hawker 4000
  Hawker 700
  Hawker 750
  Hawker 800 B
  Hawker 800 XP
  Hawker 800XPR
  Hawker 850 XP
  Hawker 900 XP
  Hawker 900XP