We know what it means to own your personal aircraft. If You decide to buy an aircraft for private flights or corporative / business use and also for your trips, ICC JET Company is eager to help you find the right financing / loaning facility for a new or used business aviation aircraft.

ICC JET has established partnerships with leading banking institutions in Switzerland, Great Britain etc. and offers optimum loaning / financing patterns for business aviation.

We save time and money for our clients as we have many options for such loaning / financing. We offer each client a number of choices as for loaning/financing.

Loaning an aircraft is a serious step, and we know where to start to obtain a loan / bank financing.

Key criteria and prerequisites to request for an aircraft finance / loan:

While applying to the bank, you must provide the following information:

Aircraft details to be included in the loan application:

  • aircraft type;
  • aircraft model;
    aircraft serial number;
  • purchase price;
  • age of aircraft (age conditions vary with every bank, i.e. the aircraft may not be older than 15 years, or 5 years, as appropriate);
  • If it is a construction or not;
  • when do you need the loan;
  • jurisdiction of aircraft registration;
  • full details of the aircraft Operator;
  • current or future base aircraft and owner;
  • The aircraft is for personal use only. Some banks may consider commercial use as well, as appropriate.
  • The borrower must have 50% of the aircraft price at the time of loan granting. In some cases, you will need 70% of the price.

Details of the ultimate aircraft owner (beneficial owner):

  • utility bills (gas, or power) to verify the address of the potential lender;
  • marital status (separate or common property plus number of people in charge (children) of the (beneficial) owner);
  • Personal financial statement, including income sources;
  • CV of the (beneficial) owner;
  • Proof of liquid asset (bank statement - portfolio report) of the (beneficial) owner;
  • other assets: pieces of art, real estate of the (beneficial) owner;
  • current loans (amount, maturity) of the (beneficial) owner;
  • organization chart (holding structure) of the (beneficial) owner;
  • Presentation of Ultimate beneficial owner businesses describing different branches of his/her activities together with an organization chart of his/her companies, and evidence of ownership structure (holding company, trust). The last two financial statements of the head companies and their consolidated statements.

Key financing milestones

Contract of intent


Loan Committee approval


Legal process


issuance of a loan

Defining general purchase terms and conditions, and financing structure   Collecting data. Compiling an application to the loan committee. Presenting the application at the loan committee.   Choosing and appointing legal advisors for the client and lender. Negotiating terms and conditions of loan documents, including security package and booking.   Executing an agreement and obtaining your loan.

Now is a good time for you to buy any aircraft and get funded. You may buy a variety of aircrafts without spending too much money, and repay your loan at low rates.

Why it makes sense?

  • Loaning / financing lets you keep your cash flow uninterrupted, while you make affordable payments from the additional revenue generated by the use of the aircraft.
  • Fixed monthly instalments let you control your expenses. You may repay in advance or just stick to the deadlines.
  • You get ownership of the aircraft after the loan is redeemed.
  • This product is also subject to tax benefits, i.e. costs are deducted from the company's income.
  • We all know how tough and beyond one's capacity a loaning procedure can be. Yet, you find your way from presenting your application at the bank up to actually drawing the money, and you will be awarded with a loan at FIRST LINE EUROPEAN BANKS at low rates.