Isle of Man aircraft registry.

The Isle of Man aircraft registry is heading towards its sixth anniversary this year with a tally of nearly six hundred aircraft registered since its inception.

We have outlined why the Isle of Man register has become the leading register for the registration of privately operated business aircraft worldwide.

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry was established to provide a customer focused service for the aircraft registration of high quality private and corporate jets and high quality twin turbine-engine helicopters.

Isle of Man registered aircraft cannot be used for Commercial Air Transport. As the only dedicated corporate aircraft register in Europe, the Registry offers high international standards and a competitive scheme of charges.

The registry is not able to register fixed-wing aircraft below 5,700 kgs (approximately PC-12 size) other than for residents of the Isle of Man.

The registry has sixteen surveyors resident in Switzerland, USA, UK and the Isle of Man, which enables the registry to provide an efficient and cost-effective service.


Who can Register an Aircraft In the Isle of Man?

To qualify for Isle of Man aircraft registration the aircraft has to be registered to a person or company from any of the countries of the British Commonwealth, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.


The Benefits of Isle of Man Aircraft Registration.

The principal benefits of registering an aircraft on the Isle of Man are:

  • High regulatory standards.
  • High service levels and quality international reputation.
  • Only dedicated European based private and corporate aircraft register.
  • Neutral Nationality registration prefix ‘M’.
  • Registration marks can be recycled on different aircraft.
  • The M- followed by a four letter combination allows significant personalization of the registration markings (Registration with marks such as M–YJET, M-ONEY, M-ICRO, M-ELON, M-AGIC, M-ANIC, M-AFIA already taken up).
  • Competitive Scheme of Charges.
  • Secure mortgage register.
  • No insurance premium tax (6% in UK).
  • European time zone.
  • Professional infrastructure with experience in aviation finance.
  • The Isle of Man is on the OECD ‘white list’.
  • Clear and simple taxation regime.
  • Stable legal and political environment.


Aircraft Finance.

The registry’s growth has also been well supported by the global aviation finance market. The register provides lenders with the comfort of a well established Government run registry where charges against an aircraft are a matter of public record.



The Isle of Man aircraft registry has established itself as the leading aircraft registry for the registration of high quality private and corporate jets and high quality twin turbine-engine helicopters as a result of many factors but particularly as a result of their customer first focus and its ‘safety with service’ ethos.

We encourage owners, their advisers and any intermediary who might be considering options for the registration of their aircraft or reviewing their existing aircraft registration to contact us to discuss potential options.