1.Republic of San Marino Company Formation

Company formation Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, appointment of first directors, registered offices, registered agent, government fees.
Share capital; 25,500.00 EUR
VAT registration No Vat
Bank account On request.
Accounting and book-keeping On request.
TOTAL 10,000.00 – 15,000 EUR

1a.Qualified ownership of aircraft registered in the Republic of San Marino

Countries & Territories no restrictions
Eligibility for Registration - Any Foreign individuals or foreign body corporate are qualified to register and maintain the aircraft in San Marino once they have elected domicile with a local representative. Electing a domicile representative can be done by simply providing FORM SM 27 | Application for Domiciled Representative.

- The domiciled representative will act as an address for service with the only responsibility to transmit to the owner any relevant official transmission of notices and notifications from the Authority.

TOTAL 400.00 – 500.00 EUR Annually

2.Republic of San Marino Aircraft Registration

Age restriction The aircraft has to be above 1980.
Weight restriction None
Private use Yes
Commercial use Yes
Type Certificate Acceptance A type certificate issued by EASA, FAA, Transport Canada or Brazilian ANAC will be acceptable to the Authority.

1. FORM SM 27 Application for Domiciled Representative:

2. Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent document along with a list of company directors.

For individual owners whose aircraft will be registered under their name, a copy of their passport will be required.

A Power of Attorney/Evidence of Authority will be required, if not the beneficial owner or company director.

3. Applicants may request out of sequence registration marks after prefix T7- followed by any combination of three (3) letters free of charge. It is recommended to nominate three different marks in order of priority. The Authority will notify formal acceptance via email.

4. FORM SM 01 Application for Certificate of Registration:

The application must be signed by the owner or the owner's representative of the aircraft.

On receipt of this form the Authority will issue an ICAO Mode-S Code for T7 registration.

5. FORM SM 02 Application for the Issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness.

6. Fees and Charges

The invoice presented in accordance with the current Scheme of Fees shall be paid at the time of application.

Documents Required Prior to Aircraft Inspection 1. Copies of existing Aircraft Radio Licence & Noise Certificate.

2. FORM SM 09 Application for 406 Mhz ELT Registration.

3. FORM SM 04 Application for Designated Airspace Approval (if applicable) along with supporting documentation.

4. FORM SM 13 Maintenance Programme Declaration.

5. FORM SM 19 Maintenance Control Manual Declaration.

Documents Required Prior to the Issuance of Certificates 1. Aircraft Insurance Certificate indicating T7 registration mark.

2. Export Certificate of Airworthiness or equivalent document Refer to CAP 08 for additional information on an acceptable equivalent document.

3. Proof of Ownership (Bill of Sale).

4. Deregistration Certificate or a Statement of Non-Registration from the concerned National Aviation Authority (NAA).

5. FORM SM 15 Application for Flight Crew Licence Validation along with supporting documentation.

6. FORM SM 16 Application for Maintenance Engineer Licence Validation (if applicable) along with supporting documentation.

Republic of San Marino registry Aircraft inspection is conducted.

Certificates to be issued prior to operation

1. Certificate of Registration.

2. Certificate of Airworthiness.

3. Noise Certificate.

4. Radio Licence.

5. Designated Airspace Approval Certificate (if applicable).

6. Flight Crew Licence Validations.

7. Maintenance Engineer Licence Validation (if applicable).

8. Maintenance Programme Approval.

 The aircraft is now cleared for operations


Benefits of registering an aircraft in the Republic of San Marino include:

  • The Principal Benefits of Registering an Aircraft in San Marino are:

  • Regulatory framework in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.

  • Commitment to provide high service level and unprecedented delivery times.

  • Central European time zone.

  • Competitive scheme of fees delivering exceptional value for money.

  • Nationality registration prefix "T7" is internationally accepted; registration mark followed by a three letter combination can be personalized, out of sequence at no cost, and transferred on to a different aircraft.

  • Any foreign individual or foreign corporate body are qualified to own, register and maintain the aircraft in San Marino once they have elected domicile with a local representative. Is not required to incorporate a San Marino company.

  • The aircraft shall be exempted from the payment of a single-stage import tax, if the aircraft maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) exceeds 5,700 kg; such weight limitation shall not apply to turbine helicopters.

  • Airworthiness inspectors are based throughout the US, Europe, Russia, and Canada offering a full range of professional services, which enables the registry to provide a cost-effective service.

  • Three (3) years Certificates of Airworthiness; no inspection fees, inspector travel and subsistence expenses on the first and second year renewal of the Airworthiness Review Declaration.

  • Up to Three (3) years period of validity for a Flight Crew and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Certificate of Validation.

  • Indefinite Period of Validity for Designated Airspace Approvals and AWOPS; we can promptly approve such special operations and assist with operations manual supplements to address the special operations.

  • Mutual Recognition of EASA Part 145, Part M Subpart G and/or OTAR 39 organisations regardless of its geographical location.

  • Green aircraft qualify for registration in San Marino.

  • Registration of Airlines, which are in storage, parked or between leases.

  • Mortgages are registered at the local CAA, and it protects the mortgagee by the CAA not cancelling the registration of a T7 registered aircraft without the mortgagees' consent or the discharge of the mortgage.

  • If structure properly, T7 registered aircraft may circulate freely in the EU.

  • No overflight permits are required for private and corporate T7 registered aircraft in Europe.

  • San Marino is an OECD White-listed Jurisdiction...

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